11 Best Things To Do In Lilongwe, Malawi

The capital city of Malawi is one of the growing cities in Southern Africa. Within the borders, it is known as the city with the money. Boosting with companies, vast numbers of hotels, lodges, restaurants and other recreational places, it truly is a city to visit. However, when you do visit Lilongwe, it always seems too big to do everything. So, to help you out, I came up with these 11 best things to do in Lilongwe.

Picture by Kelvin Chimtengo

Before we dive into the activities to do, a little advise. It is important to plan out your stay in the city. Like I said above, there are way too many things that can be done there, if you have no plan, you might just end up feeling like you did nothing at all. Everything about Lilongwe is lively. They have a fantastic nightlife, just like it is during daytime. So, planning is a must.

11 Best Things to do in Lilongwe, Malawi

1. Sightseeing

One of the best things to do in the capital is sightseeing. There are different pieces of architecture in the city that are worth visiting. Especially those that hold little pieces of history of Malawi. Some of the places to sightsee are:

a) World War Memorial

world war memorial

The World War Memorial is situated in Area 18 and pays tribute to the fallen soldiers in the world war. It also has the statue of the first president of Malawi, Dr Hastings_Kamuzu Banda. Climbing up the stairs of the monument gives you one of the best views of the city. You will have picture perfect views of the Parliament Building, Bingu International Convention Centre and more. It also gives a great view of some of the close residential areas.

b) Dr Kamuzu Banda Mausoleum

kamuzu banda mausoleam

This is my favorite place to visit when I am in the city. The Mausoleum is the resting place of the Dr Kamuzu Banda. From this site, you are able to learn about the history of Malawi and the president. Usually, there are guides from the Ministry of Local Government who supply you with the information.

c) The Parliament Building

11 best things to do in lilongwe: parliament building

Make some time to also visit the building that holds the laws of Malawi. It is a beautiful building with a great design. While you are there, please ignore the green hands things close to the roundabout. It is a piece of shame we try to hide.

2. Road-trips

After sightseeing, take a drive on the airwing road to marvel at the greenery. Then stop by Eden Estate to have a wind down and just chill. Or, you can travel to Salima and just enjoy a day at the lake. For a more cinematic or mantic time, then drive down to Dedza and have a great time at Dedza Pottery. Enjoy their cheese cake and the coffee.

3. Hike the hills of Lilongwe

Unlike Blantyre, which has so many mountains and hills, which gives hikers more choices of hikes. Lilongwe is relatively flat. However, it does have some hills that would still give hikers an excitement. For starters, you can hike Bunda Mountain, which is just a little outside of Lilongwe. Or, you could set your hiking boots to go up Nkhoma Mountain and also enjoy a beautiful view from there.

Bunda Mountain
Bunda Mountain in Lilongwe, picture by http://travelmalawiguide.com

4. Swimming

If you love the waters and just want to swim, without having to travel down to the lake. Lilongwe has some nice hotels which have amazing pools that just lure you in. Also, for those who are like me and just love sunbathing and being in bikinis, then these places are for you. One of the best pools is at Golden Peacock because it is mostly empty. Other places to enjoy are Crossroads Hotel and Woodlands.

5. Paintball at Warriors

Warrior in Lilongwe, Malawi
Picture by Warriors Nest

Go have fun and connect with your inner soldier at Warriors Nest. Hangout with some friends and shoot some paint on each other. Have the thrill of a paintball gun in your fingers. It is the best way to bond with friends and have fun.

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11 Best Things to do in Lilongwe, Malawi

6. Volleyball at the Shack

volleyball court at the shack
Picture from The Shack

Still in the manner of wanting to kick butt, you could book a volleyball court for you and your friend. Have a game during the night and have the losers buy a round of drinks by the bar. Sounds like heaven to me.

7. Connect with nature

You can connect with nature by visiting Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. The wildlife centre is home to rescued animals and are kept there until it is time for them to be taken back to the wild. Last time I was there, I had to hold my brother’s (he was 13 at the time), because he was scared of the lion and the anaconda. It is such a beautiful place and has some clean air.

8. Picnics at Botanic Gardens

You could have a picnic at one of the botanic gardens in Lilongwe. Then maybe read a book and just have some splendid time with yourself. Or turn it into a romantic date and just have that special time with your partner.

9. Wine Tasting

Dress yourself up and go for wine tasting at Linga Wine. They are the only wine company in Malawi and so try those wines. The winery has wines of different flavors, so breathing them in is just a fantastic sport.

10. Karaoke at Khala

Surely, for one night only, you can be Beyonce. Go unleash your inner Queen B at Karaoke Night that takes places every Thursday at Khala Lounge. Enjoy some midweek drinks and sing the night away.

11. Chameleon Jazz

The best part of Sunday in Lilongwe is the Jazz at Chameleon. You get to wind up the weekend with some amazing music, from different artists. Plus, it has a great chill vibe, and sometimes, you can’t afford to not let your body sway.

Like I said, Lilongwe is a busy city. But you tend to see the full life of the city at night time. Plan your activities way before you go there. Budget your expenditure, because you might end up overspending.

These are 11 best things you can do in Lilongwe. However, there is always more. What will you indulge in next time you visit the Capital?

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  1. This got me
    ‘While you are there, please ignore the green hands things close to the roundabout. It is a piece of shame we try to hide.’

  2. This place sounds like maybe the Dubai of South Africa. I may have to put this on my list of places to visit! I love articles like this. It really helps you narrow down places to go when going somewhere so big. Great article. Boomarking this!

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