fake feminists and hidden agendas

Of Fake Feminists and Hidden Agendas

Feminist (adj. /ˈfɛmənɪst/): a person who advocates for the social, political, legal and economic rights for women to equal to those of men. Feminism is a movement that is still growing globally and continuing to fight for equality. While their accomplishments are astounding, there is still that issue of fake feminists still lingering. Here is […]

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no more excuses by black isco

Review: No More Excuses by Black Isco

Black Isco just released his second studio album No More Excuses. This follows his debut album Lingua Franca which was released in 2018. Being given the opportunity to listen to this album, I thought to write a review. These are all my thoughts of the album after a third listen. During the first listen of […]

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minibus demonstrations in malawi

Blantyre, A City Ruled by Thugs

The minibus demonstrations that took place on September 1st, came as a shock to many. They were not highly publicised, which meant a lot of people had no knowledge of them taking place. Many people in Blantyre were left stranded due to the lack of transportation. People would fight to secure a seat in the […]

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The Beautiful Mumbo Island

I have been to places that have hyped my expectations on pictures, but left me angry after being there. For the first time, I visited a place that left me in awe. No picture on the internet prepared me of the beauty and vibe of Mumbo Island. And I am not mad at all. the […]

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divide and rule

Using the Divide and Rule Method for Low Wages

If there is one thing I have learned to detest as an adult is the divide and rule method. This bold statement comes from experiences from the national leadership that I have witnessed. Including the companies I have worked for since I started. It always is a bitter feeling when I sit on my desk […]

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Malawian Cultures: The Long Forgotten Tribe of Ndali

by Godfrey Malongo The Ndali Tribe is one of the many small tribes found in the northern part of Malawi. It is found in Karonga and Chitipa districts to be specific. It is often mistaken and generalized together with the Ngonde tribe. There is very little literature which makes it close to nonexistent. Being half-Ndali […]

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Beautiful, Unemployed and Faking Normal

By Hedwig Arinaitwe Waking up in the wee hours to get ready for work is the wakeup call I miss so much, I am the allergic kind but its mysterious how allergies never ever snagged up on me in those very cold morning showers. My boss always had a wink for me for being the early […]

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