blogging journey with louisa msiska

Blogging Journey with Louisa Msiska

Louisa Msiska is a blogger who started her first blog in 2018 under the name wineetroses. Later in the same year, she underwent a revaluation and preferred to name her blog after herself with the aim of creating more personal content. Since then, she has concentrated more on creating content about the arts, lifestyle, travel […]

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things we see in blantyre

Things We See in Blantyre: Please Don’t Sell Us

They have been so many times when I have prayed for God’s intervention when in a minibus. Unlike other countries, Malawi does not have any special names for minibuses. They are just that, minibuses. However, each time you are in one, you are bound to ask God why he is yet to bless you with […]

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3 Rare Malawian Traditions I’ve Learned

Over the past few days, I made it a point to learn about some rare Malawian traditions I might not know. These Malawian traditions are very rare to me, mostly because I’ve never seen them in play. However, during the course of me learning them, I realized that most urban people might not know them […]

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Book Review: Stand By Your Manhood by Peter Lloyd

Not many books arouse me as much as Stand By Your Manhood did. From the day I laid my eyes on it, sitting pretty on the bookshelf at KwaHaraba, I figured I had to buy it. That came at a cost of having to battle a friend who felt entitled cause the book was obviously […]

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Things We See in Blantyre: False Alerts Everywhere

One thing Blantyre never ceases to amaze is the amount of False Alerts we have. I’m not talking about floods, hurricanes or tragic things like that. Neither am I talking about pregnancies, although I’m sure those happen too. However, we had a series of moments when people from the city are given false hope. Then […]

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Magic in the Streets

Things We See in Blantyre: Magic in the Streets

There is magic in the streets of Blantyre. Behind every street smart (or wannabe), there is a story filled with lessons. And most times, I like to think that that is my experience with Blantyre. Tragic things happened for me to know this city well. That is the sole reason I had balls enough to […]

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The Failed Poet Episode 4: Review of Instagram Poems

Review of Instagram Poetry: This is NOT POETRY In this episode, I review some poems found on instagram. Plus, a reading of sonnet 23 by William Shakespeare. Remember to leave your comment below.

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