initiation ceremonies in malawi

Initiation Ceremonies and the Evil Side of Them

As we are approaching August and schools nearing close, elders in different districts are preparing for initiation ceremonies for the year. Known as chinamwali in Chichewa, these are ceremonies that ‘initiate’ one from being a child to an adult. This is a practice done by most cultures, but most common in the southern region of […]

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chakwera's presidency

Of Chakwera’s Presidency and Sigh

Chakwera’s presidency is one of the most dramatic we have seen. After a year of presidency, many are starting to wonder if he was indeed the right choice for the job. It has been a year of expectations not being met, promises to fade, and lost hope. I wanted to take time to reflect on […]

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political prisoner 3/75

Review: Political Prisoner 3/75 By Sam Mpasu

My curiosity about the post-colonial rule in Malawi has increased my appetite for biographies. I was partly raised in a home where Dr. Kamuzu Banda was seen as the savior of Malawi. My late father would tell me tales of his return in 1958 and how he won against British rule and led the country […]

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does Malawi have a poor-documented history

Does Malawi Have a Poor-Documented History?

Sometimes, I look at Malawi as a country and I honestly feel we are a lost nation. We hardly understand the land we live in and the events that have happened. While some attribute this to the fact that a lot of the people here are settlers who came from different countries and different cultures. […]

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The Unknown Prisoners of Kamuzu Banda

Political prisoners in the era of Ngwazi Hastings Kamuzu Banda were popular. As a life president, anyone that posed a threat to his dictatorship was an enemy of the nation. Thus, many people were detained in prisons such as Mikuyu and Zomba without a chance of a trial. They were thrown in there to rot […]

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6 reasons why african companies need affiliate marketing networks

6 Reasons Why African Companies Need Affiliate Marketing Networks

As the global village grows through the internet, many companies have migrated to the web to enjoy many benefits. One benefit that has risen is brand growth through the use of affiliate marketing networks. These networks have assured companies, whether big or small, to reach their intended customers and enjoy higher sales rates. While the […]

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of hypocrisy on the internet

Of Hypocrisy on the Internet

Hypocrisy means a situation in which someone pretends to believe something that they do not really believe, or that is the opposite of what they do or say at another time Cambridge Dictionary One or more times, you and I both have been hypocrites on the internet. One or more times, you and I have tried to convince ourselves that we actually are not hypocrites, […]

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