6 reasons why african companies need affiliate marketing networks

6 Reasons Why African Companies Need Affiliate Marketing Networks

As the global village grows through the internet, many companies have migrated to the web to enjoy many benefits. One benefit that has risen is brand growth through the use of affiliate marketing networks. These networks have assured companies, whether big or small, to reach their intended customers and enjoy higher sales rates. While the […]

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of hypocrisy on the internet

Of Hypocrisy on the Internet

Hypocrisy means a situation in which someone pretends to believe something that they do not really believe, or that is the opposite of what they do or say at another time Cambridge Dictionary One or more times, you and I both have been hypocrites on the internet. One or more times, you and I have tried to convince ourselves that we actually are not hypocrites, […]

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inheritance and greediness

Of Inheritance and Greediness

I remember when my stepfather died back in 2007, days after the burial, there was tension in the air about the inheritance. Within a few days, my mother was stripped of everything. There was no regard of his will, his family felt it was their right to own all his properties. Thus, they left most […]

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social media and unhealthy relationships

Of Social Media and Masking Unhealthy Relationships

Social media has always been a form of free expression. A space where you share your ideas, your work, your personal information, and more. It is such a good place for people to find work, relationships, and positive social and political change. However, it also has become a vile place where people are bullied, harassed, […]

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harassment at the workplace

Of Harassment at the Workplace for Minorities

Last December, I wrote about sexual harassment at the workplace during the 16 Days of Activism. During the time, I shared my experience with sexual harassment at the workplace, how I did not acknowledge it until when I decided to leave the job. Right after I saw the Advocacy theme for the #WinterABC challenge, I […]

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only child and mental health

Of Being An Only Child and Mental Health

Every time I meet people and I reveal that I am an only child, they envy me. For most, being an only child is like heaven. Parents bend at your every wish, you get everything you say you want and more. All these just thoughts that many harbor. Although a lot of only kids are […]

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writer's block

Of Writer’s Block and Regrouping

I cannot count the many times I have opened a blank page and closed it hours later with nothing written on it. The annoyance of having a white screen staring back at you, almost as if mocking you for having just as blank of a mind. As a blogger, this is a never-ending cycle. One […]

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