Hiking Michiru Mountain


Having hiked Chiradzulu Mountain just a month ago, I wanted a new challenge, to test myself if I could survive another hike. So when I heard of plans to hike Michiru Mountain, I knew there and then that it was what I was going to do to pass time on my Saturday.

However, yesterday came and work showed up. I had errands to run and thus gave up on the whole idea of hiking. I had limited time and just thought I wouldn’t make it in time to join the rest of the group. With a negative mind, I put on my canvas and went about my day. But errands ended fast and I still had a 15minute window to catch up with everyone and so I utilized. To my luck, I made it in time.

Right after showing up, we started off for Michiru Mountain.

Hiking Michiru was way better than Chiradzulu. Here’s why:

1. Chiradzulu was my first ever mountain to hike, do when we started ascending, I did it with speed which led to me burning up my energy quick and getting tired fast.

This time around, I took a slower pace, better slow and fit than fast and feel the pain.

2. Michiru is covered in trees which allows blockage from the heat and offers a good breeze. Chiradzulu on the other hand was naked, had no trees for shade which meant exposure to the sun. This contributed heavily to me getting tired fast.

3. I had so much fun hiking this time around, danced way more than I should and made sure to laugh a lot too. Chiradzulu was a bit serious, a bit too focused that for the most part, I forgot to have fun and dwelled on self pity.

The one time I felt like giving up was when at some point I felt like puking my guts out due to my poor decision to drink on Friday. But hey, we all make some mistakes once or twice.

Getting to the peak was another story altogether, the view of Blantyre city from that angle is mesmerizing.

What I enjoyed the most was seeing the rich greenery, the freshest air and just seeing almost all mountains that surround the city looking like the King’s guards. It was beautiful.

The company was great too, just watch the short video I’ve done to see.

For first time hikers in Blantyre, I would recommend to try Michiru Mountain before Chiradzulu (basing it on those I’ve hiked). Michiru is wide which makes the climb not too steep. Chiradzulu was the total opposite of this.

Another mountain conquered, and my body feels great. One of the best workouts I’ve done so far.

Watch the short video of the hike, SUBSCRIBE to the channel and like it. More pictures of the hike here.

Short video of the hike


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