9 Hangout Spots in Blantyre

9 hangout spots in blantyre

Blantyre is a small city. Most times, it feels like it is closing you in. It always feels like you are going to the same places, and meeting the same people. And that, can get frustrating.

Sometimes, you just want to go to a place that’s chilled and relaxing. Places that are perfect to hangout, do a bit of work and more. So, I wanted to share some of the 10 hangout spots in Blantyre.

1. KwaHaraba Art Gallery & Cafe

9 hangout spots in blantyre:: kwa haraba

This is my go to place. Located right in the centre of Blantyre, by Phekani House. I probably spend too much of my free time here. It is a perfect place to hangout or work. The ambiance is amazing. They have some amazing food, I love their salads the most. They make some mean coffee too.

But probably something I’d recommend are the wines and their smoothies (cocktails). While at it, check out the paintings and the books on their shelf. They also host open mics on Wednesday evenings, which are a must see.

2. La Caverna

9 hangout spots in blantyre: La carvena

This has the same vibe as KwaHaraba. It is also an Art Gallery and Cafe. However, you get a garden view and it has a beautiful playground for kids. You could also walk over to Jacaranda Cultural Centre for more art views. Or the antique shops behind it.

It is just gives a chilled vibe. It is located in Top Mandala.

3. Kaya Lounge

9 hangout spots in blantyre: kaya lounge

Located in Mount Pleasant is Kaya Lounge. A sports bar and grill. I would recommend those that really enjoy a cold drink as they watch football. This place is just lovely for that. It has the great crowd for it, and a vibe too.

You could also just chill by the garden side and enjoy chats.

4. Bar B Ques

9 hangout spots in blantyre

After only being there once, I can recommend that this is a vibe. They have good food. A chilled place in the afternoon, but a party place in the night time. A great place for smoothies too, if you are into that.

9 hangout spots in Blantyre

5. Mount Soche Hotel

9 hangout spots in blantyre

The pool side is a great place to hangout. Although it does get crowded on weekends with kids and what not, it still is a great place to just chill. Or, sit by their garden side and enjoy a drink while reminiscing.

6. MHC Park

9 hangout spots in blantyre

Best place for picnics by far. Located in Kwacha, it is one place you should visit. Just make sure to go a bit early so you can grab a perfect seat. Perfect place for drinks, bit of loud music and laughs. However, you are bound to see people getting nawty (if you know what I mean 😉).

7. Stake Out Bar & Restaurant

9 hangout spots in blantyre

Located on the first floor of Amaryllis Hotel, the hottest hotel in town currently. They have an amazing food and drink menu that’s worth trying. Best place to sit is on the patio which overlooks the heart of Blanyre.

8. Casa Mia

9 hangout spots in blantyre

Their garden area is s serene and just quiet which makes it special for chats. Plus, they have amazing food that you can munch on.

9. Mijn Kitchen

9 hangout spots in blantyre

Another great café to go to, have great food and just relax. If you have kids, they also have a playground that’s perfect for the kiddies to enjoy.

I totally love quiet places where I can relax and just enjoy the company of my friends. These 9 hangout spots in Blantyre will give you just that.

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  1. Been so travel-sick (is that a word? 🤔) because it has been ages since I last traveled
    So I decided to camp on your travel posts and man did I have a vicarious journey😍😍😍😍😍 from hikes to walks into castles to romantic island sunset vibes to drinks at stake houses. My heart is content, my spirit is full and my spul is happy. Thank you for taking us through all these journeys🌸🌸🌸 love it

  2. This is a great piece and a help for those of us who frequently travel to Blantyre. However, it could have been helpful if specific locations or even maps of the places could have been given.

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