My Baby’s First Day of School: 4 Reasons for Choosing this School

January 8th, 2023 was Evan’s first day of school, and I was so emotional. My baby started school, a gentle reminder of how grown he is and how time flies. I loved seeing how eager and happy he was to finally go to school because he had been chanting, “I want school!” for the past two months.

I had been dreading this day however, I knew it was time to let him go. I realized that my reasons for dreading the day Evan started school were not because he would suddenly be away from home because as a working mom, I do not spend much time with him during the week. However, his being home brought security in my heart that he was fine, his being at school shows independence and uncertainty.

Evan's first day of school

My son was so ecstatic, it felt so good seeing him that happy. I knew I needed to shove my fears aside and bask in his excitement for his biggest milestone. Somewhere between getting out of the house and opening the gate, he got mad at me for how slow I was moving. If it was up to him, we would have jogged our way to class.


When I finally dropped him off, he looked back at me and with a wide grin on his face said “Bye Mommy, see you tomorrow”. I could see the empathy on the teacher’s face because when he walked towards his class, tears were at the brim of my eyes threatening to fall.

Just like that, my baby had gone from this tiny boy I cuddled in my arms like glass afraid he would break, to a boy with a little backpack who is ready to see the world.

Other than my fears, I cannot wait for him to make friends and for the new growth he will gain.

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4 Reasons for Choosing The School

As a parent, choosing a school for your child, especially a toddler can be a daunting task. Your thoughts will circle the fact that your child will be looked after by people who might not be as caring as you would love. There will always be fears of teachers being negligent and abusive. So choosing the right school has to be done carefully.

As for Evan’s school, some of the reasons that helped me choose it were:

1. Reviews from other moms

One of the most important things I did was ask some of the moms who have their children in the same place. Some of these women I did not even know, but because the premises are close to home, each time I would be going to work I made sure to stop one lady and ask what they thought of the school.

Almost everyone I asked had something nice to say, especially about the teachers and the headmistress of the school. They each chimed in how they loved that both the teachers and the headmistress would interact with their kids, and the smallest thing as the headmistress knowing their child’s name was a big deal to them.

At the same time, each week they would get progress cards and pointers were parents should focus on with their kids at home.

I liked this.

2. Teacher’s calibre

When I went to check the school, I got the privilege to check out the classes as they were in progress. As I walked past the daycare, which would be Evan’s class, my eyes were met with a pleasing image.

At the center of the class was a circle of the kids and their teacher. Three kids were sleeping soundly on her legs, while the other five kids were being read to. The reading seemed to be so interactive, in a calm manner. Even from outside, I could sense the mother hen aura from the teacher, and immediately I was sold.

3. Proximity to Home

Another important issue was how close the school was to the house. I was so against a school that was going to be far, because at the heart of it was the weather and food.

Being January, it is the rainy season and I did not want his nanny to have difficulties picking him up. At the same time, it was a must for me that his lunch is delivered every day so he can have a warm meal. Being in a school far from the house would have made this not work.

4. My Gut Feeling

My last reason was just my gut feeling. My spirit felt pleased with the school. It felt right, the teachers felt right, and the environment felt right.

Did your baby start school today? How did you feel? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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