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Blogging has always been a passion I have shared with my readers for the past five years, it gladdens me to make a complete revamp of the website. I am so excited about the new era that I am about to enter with my blog, and even more excited to share this new journey with you all.

Over the past years, my blog has been known for so many things. It came from being a poetry-centric place where I would share my prose. Then it became a place where I would center my opinions, and to top it off, it won an Afrobloggers Award in Social Commentary. Something that makes me proud today.

However, in the past few years, I felt myself drifting away from blogging in general. The connection I shared with writing over the years just seemed to have faded. I would occasionally try to write but with each word, felt zero interest. If you noticed, I had completely taken a break to rediscover myself and my passion.

There was a time I thought this part of me was completely done, I did not see myself blogging again.

Earlier this year, I tried a new form of content creation, I started my personal youtube channel. However, that did not satisfy me as much as writing did. In April, I realized that this is something that actually brings me more joy, written content remains a passion I have. And I needed to bring that part of myself out again.

Over the past few months, I have been mentally preparing myself to write again. I know I might have lost the readers I had before due to the lack of new content, but I am hoping that I can build a new readership who will understand my new position.

With that said, let me introduce you to the new

Revamp? What’s Changing? Here goes…

I recently discovered that another reason I lost touch with the blog was because of the lack of a hierarchy of the content that I was writing. The content was scattered and uncoordinated and it made me despise it. So, here is how the new writing is going to be broken down from now onwards.

  • Parenting category: This is where I will share the most important aspect of my life which is being a mother. I will share my journey, and hopefully also have other women share their journies.
  • Thoughts & Musings: This is the space for all my opinions on experiences happening around me.
  • Friendship Corner: Another important aspect of me is the friendships that I treasure close to my heart. I wanted a space to share what I have learned when it comes to friendships and also has my friends share their own perspectives.
  • Wallflower Chronicles: This is a space for all my crazy stories.

This is what will now comprise, and I am excited to be sharing my writings again.

I’ll need you to continue supporting me by sharing my posts, commenting on content, and all.

Currently, I do not want to commit to a schedule, I want to ease myself into one that I can manage and not feel pressured by. So please, be patient with me.

All my love,


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