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chakwera's presidency

Of Chakwera’s Presidency and Sigh

Chakwera’s presidency is one of the most dramatic we have seen. After a year of presidency, many are starting to wonder if he was indeed the right choice for the job. It has been a year of expectations not being met, promises to fade, and lost hope. I wanted to take time to reflect on […]

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does Malawi have a poor-documented history

Does Malawi Have a Poor-Documented History?

Sometimes, I look at Malawi as a country and I honestly feel we are a lost nation. We hardly understand the land we live in and the events that have happened. While some attribute this to the fact that a lot of the people here are settlers who came from different countries and different cultures. […]

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The Unknown Prisoners of Kamuzu Banda

Political prisoners in the era of Ngwazi Hastings Kamuzu Banda were popular. As a life president, anyone that posed a threat to his dictatorship was an enemy of the nation. Thus, many people were detained in prisons such as Mikuyu and Zomba without a chance of a trial. They were thrown in there to rot […]

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of hypocrisy on the internet

Of Hypocrisy on the Internet

Hypocrisy means a situation in which someone pretends to believe something that they do not really believe, or that is the opposite of what they do or say at another time Cambridge Dictionary One or more times, you and I both have been hypocrites on the internet. One or more times, you and I have tried to convince ourselves that we actually are not hypocrites, […]

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inheritance and greediness

Of Inheritance and Greediness

I remember when my stepfather died back in 2007, days after the burial, there was tension in the air about the inheritance. Within a few days, my mother was stripped of everything. There was no regard of his will, his family felt it was their right to own all his properties. Thus, they left most […]

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harassment at the workplace

Of Harassment at the Workplace for Minorities

Last December, I wrote about sexual harassment at the workplace during the 16 Days of Activism. During the time, I shared my experience with sexual harassment at the workplace, how I did not acknowledge it until when I decided to leave the job. Right after I saw the Advocacy theme for the #WinterABC challenge, I […]

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Nowadays, people tend to praise things that are evil, and laugh to those that are genuinely looking for help. Yet no one shows as much passion to change it, we all adapt and make it seem like everything is just fine, and that is how we are losing people.

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