2023 Blog Review: Your Favorite Posts, New Countries, and Milestones

It is the last day of 2023 and it is only right to make a blog review. This year was a snooze fest when it comes to the blog, but the couple of times that I posted, I am glad that I got your attention and support. Before I begin the 2023 blog review, I urge you to read my personal 2023 year in review where I shared my highest highs and lowest lows of the year.

Let us look at the data and have a bit of a nostalgic feeling of what some of your favorite blog posts were and some of mine throughout the year. Hopefully, you can share what kind of content you would love for the upcoming year.

The big 2023 blog review

Blog Review: Biggest Milestone

In October of this year, as I was celebrating this blog’s fourth anniversary, I was able to achieve one of my biggest milestones. Thanks to you guys for always reading, I finally crossed a whooping 50,000 all-time views on this blog. It was such a surreal feeling when this happened.

blog review: 50k all-time views

Although, I knew that I would have crossed this a long time ago. However, I had lost my touch the past two years and had no idea what to do with this blog or the direction I wanted to take for it.

I am so thankful that even in my down days, you guys still find your way into this little space of mine to do a bit of reading. I am forever appreciative.

Blog Review: Top 10 Countries Reading

It would not be a fair blog review if I did not acknowledge the top countries that are always supporting it. To do so, here are the top 10 countries that are always reading.

  • Malawi (I would have been mad if they were not at the top)
  • United States
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Zambia
  • Canada
  • Philippines
  • Kenya
  • India
  • Uganda

New countries that I got to reach this year are:

  • Burkina Faso
  • Azerbaijan
  • Senegal
  • Angola
  • Fiji

I am super proud that this little blog of mine has gotten to reach countries that I’ll probably never travel to.

2023 Blog Review: Popular Blog Posts

The blog posts that you guys enjoyed this year had me shocked. Some of these, I had marked to be my worst but you guys seemed to love them. These blog posts are popular based on their organic reach and not once influenced by their SEO reach.

1. Limbe Chronicles: I Got Robbed Badly

The writer shares their familiarity with Limbe, Malawi, detailing the town’s high crime rates and personal experiences with theft. They recount being robbed while boarding a minibus and emphasize the importance of safeguarding valuables. The fuel shortage is linked to transportation challenges and increased crime. The narrative serves as a cautionary tale about remaining vigilant in unsafe environments.

https://thelouisamsiska.com/limbe-chronicles-i-got-robbed-badly/: 2023 Blog Review: Your Favorite Posts, New Countries, and Milestones

2. Honorary Goodbye To John Tembo: A True Son of the Soil

When Euphonik tweeted Good Riddance after finding out about Zoleka’s death, I thought it was the most stupid thing a man could have said after someone’s death. But when news broke of John Z.U Tembo’s death, you could feel a lot of people silently say the exact words, Good Riddance.

https://thelouisamsiska.com/saying-goodbye-to-john-tembo/: 2023 Blog Review: Your Favorite Posts, New Countries, and Milestones

3. Dissecting the Norman Chisale Exclusive Interview on Zodiak

Norman Chisale might have been a bodyguard to former president Peter Mutharika, but he is a man who has been in the limelight for a while. He is a man many complained to have yielded so much power beyond his position, while some said he had so much power over the presidency as well. On the 5th of November, he appeared on Zodiak TV for an exclusive interview to discuss his recent letter to the Minister of Justice asking for leniency over his bank accounts.

https://thelouisamsiska.com/dissecting-norman-chisale-interview/: 2023 Blog Review: Your Favorite Posts, New Countries, and Milestones

4. Evaristo Mapulanga: A Man Who Ruled Limbe With An Iron Fist

Evaristo Mapulanga, a formerly notorious pickpocket, became one of the most revered police officers in Limbe, Malawi during the era of Kamuzu Banda. Chosen to bring order amid escalating crime, he cultivated fear and respect from both criminals and civilians and effectively reduced the crime rate. He emphasized upholding a strict dress code, dressing impeccably himself, and expecting others to do the same. He also successfully patrolled significant areas of Limbe alone. His legacy continues to inspire modern officers like Gladson Chipumphula, the new Officer-in-Charge of the Limbe Police Station.

https://thelouisamsiska.com/evaristo-mapulanga/: 2023 Blog Review: Your Favorite Posts, New Countries, and Milestones

5. Limbe Chronicles: They Caught My Robber

When I wrote about how I was robbed in Limbe a few ago, I had no hope of ever knowing who was the culprit behind it. My own way of getting justice was cursing him profusely and the money that had been stolen from me. However, the universe sometimes will hear your cry and serve justice in the best possible way.

https://thelouisamsiska.com/limbe-chronicles-they-caught-my-robber/: 2023 Blog Review: Your Favorite Posts, New Countries, and Milestones

These were some of the highlights when it comes to the 2023 blogging journey. Share with me what some of your personal favorite posts were this year, and what you look forward to in 2024.

I’ll see you in the new year.


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