my 5 favorite quotes

5 Favorite Quotes I Live By

Sometimes, all you need is a quote to make your situation better. Quotes make you more in touch with your personal values. They give us a drive to do better when situations arise. And most of them, motivate us to elevate our lives. I wanted to share with you my 5 favorite quotes and why […]

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what to expect from me this blogtober 2020

Hello there Blogtober: What to Expect from Me

Learn everything you expect from me during the Blogtober 2020. A schedule of all posts that will be shared on the blog and more

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My Main Blogging Goal

I could easily summarize my main blogging goal in one statement, but what would be the fun in that. Let’s start from the beginning. Would you believe me if I told you that up until 2017, I had no idea what a blog was? Well, I did not. I knew about websites that I visited, […]

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how to start a blog in africa

How To Start A Blog In Few Easy Steps

I have always been fascinated with writing. And many times in the past, I had ideas on the topics I wanted to write about but failed tremendously because I felt there was no one giving me an ear. Imagine my excitement when I first heard of blogging, it truly felt like the heavens were blessing […]

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23: A Poetry Collection by Louisa

Each year, on my birthday, I release a poetry collection as a way of celebrating new age and releasing of emotions. This year, I chose the title ’23’ because it is the new age I have embraced today. I hope you enjoy each word written, I hope you open your hearts enough to let the […]

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Book Review: The Falls by Ian Rankin

The Falls by Ian Rankin is the 12th novel released under the Inspector Reubus series. It is the first novel I have read by Rankin and made me crave to read more of his work. To pay homage to the book that made me sleepless, grabbed my soul, I decided to write a book review […]

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SDG 16: Lack of Justice in Malawi

For the past 3 years, I have been advocating for Sustainable Development Goals, a journey that I have tried to document and share with all those of you that read my blog. I have advocated for SDG 16, which emphasizes on the need for Peace, Justice and Good Governance. This time around, I figured to […]

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