WinterABC Blogging Challenge

coping with loss and grief

Coping with Loss and Grief

Grief is one of the most emotionally draining processes one can go through. Grief is what comes after loss. When you lose someone or something of significance to your life, it is natural that you will grieve for it. It is the healing that everyone hopes so, as to when that happens, no one can […]

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pearl thusi

If Only I Could Meet Pearl Thusi

It is Day 13 of the #WinterABC Challenge and for the past hour I’ve been deciding who I would like to meet. When it comes to African personalities, there are so many I would like to breathe the same air with. To shake hands with (although this wouldn’t be done cause Rona), dine and share […]

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The Soldiers of Democracy: A Tale of Malawi

P.S. Before I continue, let me make it known that this is fictional around events that took place. On 14 June 1993, we voted for a new system. We voted for a new lease of life, we voted for hope. Malawi had it’s referendum and 64% voted for a multi-party system. We earned our democracy. […]

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4 Social Media Accounts I Follow

It is day 11 of the #WinterABC Blogging Challenge and yet I’m stuck on Day 9. But catching up is way easier than totally giving up. Let me share with you the 4 social media accounts I follow and why I completely love them. 1. King of the Dot Entertainment This is probably my favorite […]

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5 Best Products for Dreadlocks

When I started my loc journey, I had no idea which products to use for my dreadlocks. Especially ones that were appropriate for my hair texture. It has been 3 years and i finally found products that work and leave my hair nourished, moisturized and strong. Here are 5 best products for dreadlocks that I […]

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