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Day 10 of 16: Culture and Religion as Safe Haven

As we draw closer and closer to the sixteenth day of #16Daysof Activism, I thought to look at something important. That is, how our culture and religion have created a safe haven for perpetrators. I remember having explained the evil of gender based violence gatekeepers, but I wanted to take further. Because, most often our […]

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How To Discuss With Your Partner About Abstinence

So, you have chosen to become sexually abstinent? Congratulations! That is not an easy decision, considering we are living in a time of sexual freedom and exploration. Although it is admirable, it can also be hard to fully express your decision to your partner. Therefore, this post is to give a few pointers on how […]

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Louisa: An Interview With Myself

For the longest period, I have always wanted to conduct an interview with myself. I find it to be therapeutic, an easy way to express my thoughts to me while also sharing myself to all my readers. So today, I took some time to ask myself some questions and share my thoughts.

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Are We Sinners Pretending To Be Christians?

Hypocrisy;- pretending to believe something that you do not really believe, or that is the opposite of what you do or say at another time. Naturally, as humans, we are the BIGGEST hypocrites that are there. Yes, even those that are Christians. It is very sad when Christians talk but fail to walk their own […]

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A Rotten COuntry

A country is not one without the people; it is nothing but bare land that has yet to be conquered. And with people comes diversity of race, a different shade of colour. As for Malawi, it also has diversity. But among the people, they are those living with albinism who are being killed mercilessly due to their skin.

“Albinism, a genetic disorder that results in the reduction of the melanin pigment in one’s body. This leaves those with the disorder with a light skin, light hair and vision problems.”

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Boycotting My Church

The church is supposed to be a safe house for its members. It is supposed to be a place of healing during your grave times but also a place which guarantees no judgement because the Lord is meant to be the only one to cast a stone to someone. But I have had experiences that […]

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