The movie is both entertaining and eye-opening. With its genuineness on the life struggles of the Kamkwamba family and the village they belonged to relates to the life struggles of what a lot of Malawians are going through, more especially those in farming families. The costumes for the movie were also greatly thought for, perfectly mimicking how a Malawian villager dresses in their everyday life.

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A country is not one without the people; it is nothing but bare land that has yet to be conquered. And with people comes diversity of race, a different shade of colour. As for Malawi, it also has diversity. But among the people, they are those living with albinism who are being killed mercilessly due to their skin.

“Albinism, a genetic disorder that results in the reduction of the melanin pigment in one’s body. This leaves those with the disorder with a light skin, light hair and vision problems.”

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