20 songs on my playlist

20 Songs on My Playlist

Music is an important aspect of my life. I am always listening to music. When I am at work, I will have my earphones plugged in. Someone once told me that I act sane because of music. That is why I thought to share 20 songs on my playlist. Before I do share the songs […]

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no more excuses by black isco

Review: No More Excuses by Black Isco

Black Isco just released his second studio album No More Excuses. This follows his debut album Lingua Franca which was released in 2018. Being given the opportunity to listen to this album, I thought to write a review. These are all my thoughts of the album after a third listen. During the first listen of […]

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third eye no room for era album review

Third Eye: No Time for Era Album Review

No Room For Error No Room For Era is Third Eye’s ninth studio album. He is a man that has solidified his legendary status in the Malawian Hip Hop industry, but if people had doubts, then this album serves as a great reminder of his lyricism, delivery and artistry. Was given the opportunity to listen […]

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10 Sad Songs On My Playlist

Sometimes sadness hits you so bad. You wake up and feel like not opening the curtains, to allow the darkness in the room fully connect with the darkness within you. And all that is alright. Often times, when that happens, we look for comfort in songs that greatly connect with our emotions. To make it […]

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My 16 Favorite 2019 Albums

We are just a few days away from ending 2019, a year that had two years in it, it was too freaking long. The year was rocky and hard to deal with, I shall discuss this later, but for the most part, I had music to help me through. So I wanted to share with […]

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Nyasa Music Festival: All My Favorite Moments

The first edition of the Nyasa Music Festival (NMF) was this past weekend (19th – 21st April). It was the perfect activity for those that didn’t have any Easter plans and just wanted to be surrounded by great music, food and drinks. In general, it is one festival that was heavily criticized on different social […]

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Review: The Unveiling of Ten A.M Band

Bands, well that is a completely different world when it comes to Malawi’s music industry. The band world is tense and has a form of rigidity to breakthrough. This is also attributed to the fact that most beloved bands are professionals in reggae or dancehalls, a genre that is loved in the country. For the […]

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