12 Romantic Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2021: Fun Activities to Spice It Up

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. This year in particular, things might be a little different. With a pandemic, there are changes that need to be done. However, that does not mean that the romantic aspect of Valentine’s Day should be forgotten. That is why I compiled these 12 romantic date ideas that you […]

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breakup thoughts

“We broke up, get over it already!”

Speeding through breakup thoughts 23/02/2020 23:15 I’m hungry, for food. But, I know it’s not hunger for physical food. I’m denying my soul the feelings I have, the pain, the heartache, the vacuum, because I am missing this man. Breakup thoughts consume me. And my heart is doing this gut-brain connection set up. My body […]

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coping with loss and grief

Coping with Loss and Grief

Grief is one of the most emotionally draining processes one can go through. Grief is what comes after loss. When you lose someone or something of significance to your life, it is natural that you will grieve for it. It is the healing that everyone hopes so, as to when that happens, no one can […]

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ways to boost libido in a relationship

12 Ways To Boost Libido In A Relationship

Libido or sex drive is the desire to have sexual activity. Sometimes, the sexual drive of an individual can shift lower, which can be problematic for the relationship. Thus, I wanted to help those that have a low sex drive, on the many ways how they can boost libido in their relationship. Mind you, communicating […]

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10 Sad Songs On My Playlist

Sometimes sadness hits you so bad. You wake up and feel like not opening the curtains, to allow the darkness in the room fully connect with the darkness within you. And all that is alright. Often times, when that happens, we look for comfort in songs that greatly connect with our emotions. To make it […]

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How To Discuss With Your Partner About Abstinence

So, you have chosen to become sexually abstinent? Congratulations! That is not an easy decision, considering we are living in a time of sexual freedom and exploration. Although it is admirable, it can also be hard to fully express your decision to your partner. Therefore, this post is to give a few pointers on how […]

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10 Gift Ideas For Her On Valentine’s Day

Having done a blog post about gift ideas for Him, it would only be right to also help the fellas with the perfect gift ideas for the ladies. Ladies can be sophisticated and so being very thoughtful to the gifts you get them is very important. Here are 10 gift ideas for her on Valentine’s […]

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