Day 16: Recover Better on Human Rights Day

“We will not enjoy security without development, we will not enjoy development without security, and we will not enjoy either without respect for human rights General Kofi Anan As we conclude the #16DaysofActivism, we also aught to commemorate the Human Rights Day. This year, the day’s theme is Recover Better. And I don’t think there […]

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tired of hurting

Day 15 of 16: Tired of Hurting

I’ve been tortured for too kong Been hurt for too long Been dead for too long I don’t remember the color of my skin It is covered in bruises and scars Tattoos of the pain I’ve gone through My eyes don’t shed tears no more The wells long dried, I’ve become accustomed to the pain […]

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Day 14 of 16: Using Gender Based Violence for Personal Vendetta

Each year, we undertake #16DaysofActivism with hopes that it brings more awareness to gender based violence across the world. And every year, during the 16 days, more cases are brought out to the public eye. However, most times, publicized cases are often found to be flukes, which brings harm to the cause. This year hasn’t […]

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Day 13 of 16: Corruption is a Silencer

We are inching closer and closer to the end of #16DaysofActivism. And before we get to the final day, I wanted to share how corruption or corrupt people increasingly silence gender based violence victims. Many victims are suffering because of it, so maybe it is high time we just speak about it. What is corruption? […]

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I Got Flowers Today by Paulette Kelly

Day 12 of 16: I Got Flowers Today Poem

I Got Flowers Today by Paulette Kelly I got flowers today. It wasn’t my birthday or any other special day. We had our first argument last night. He said a lot of cruel things that really hurt me. I know he was sorry and didn’t mean the things he said. Because I got flowers today. […]

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Sexual harassment in the workplace

Day 11 of 16: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

On the eleventh day of #16DaysofActivism, I wanted to share about sexual harassment and bullying that takes place in the workplace. Being someone who has experienced something similar, I wanted to share that as well. Some of the stories are things that not even my mother knows about. But, they are part of my experiences […]

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culture and religion

Day 10 of 16: Culture and Religion as Safe Haven

As we draw closer and closer to the sixteenth day of #16Daysof Activism, I thought to look at something important. That is, how our culture and religion have created a safe haven for perpetrators. I remember having explained the evil of gender based violence gatekeepers, but I wanted to take further. Because, most often our […]

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