Why I Took A Blogging Break


I have always loved writing; I love the freedom it brings. I love how free my emotions feel when writing, like I can just express everything and still be in control. It is very liberating, very very liberating. However, when changes happen in personal environments, sometimes it is best to step away from the things you love to regain control and focus.

And that is exactly what happened to me the past couple of months. I was going through issues in my personal life which made me feel like my brain was closing in on my creativity. For weeks, I forced myself to write poetry, articles, blog posts, reports etc. I tried so hard, but most times, I ended up with my glasses on top of my keyboard, a black word page and my hands covering my eyes. I felt lost, felt like the control I have over my writing had just been stripped away from me.


A few times my brain would open up for a few seconds and bring forward a good idea, but once I would start to work on it, I could feel it shut yet again. This happened a couple of times to a point where I got used and accepted that maybe a break from writing was I needed. I did not bother my mind, I let it work on its own pace.

It took time, but lately I have felt myself crave the craft. So, I tried to write, a bit of poetry and blog posts. They were scratchy, but it felt good, felt liberated once again.

With that said, I would like to apologize to you and myself for abandoning this blog. I missed all my readers and hope that you love the new content.

With love,



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