When it ends in tears; How to handle heartbreaks.

Beyonce’s Lemonade gained a lot of popularity because for once, one of America’s favorite, most talked about and secretive artist finally let loose and showed the world how she handled a huge heartbreak; good for her but she brought the lemonade and didn’t show us the recipe.

With that said said, Malawi has been going through a raze of heartbreaks. Social media has entanglements, people shooting shots and being turned down. Off social media, the nation is being left in awe of major public looting and embezzlement that has been coined “economic genocide”. In as much as all of these things are happening, the focus of this post will be on the love related heartbreaks.

Relationships and Entanglements

Side chicks and dudes turned into entanglements, shots fired and missing the target, the it’s over text and phone call, clearly we are going through roller coasters of heartbreaks. Here are a few tips on how to handle heartbreaks.

a. CRY

How to handle heartbreak

Dee Holmes a relationship expert, suggests that a good starting point is to cry. Believe me I know this is hard especially for the XY chromosome holders, we pretend to be unbothered and strong. Cry it out Kings and Queens, read a sad story, listen to Lawi “Timalira” and be motivated as a man to cry it out. Crying helps in accepting that a relationship has ended or cannot happen.. It helps in accepting that the money, gifts, dates, wishful thinking, plans and time invested is gone and there are better days coming. It also helps one to see things from a different point of view after finishing crying unlike bottling it up. First tip on how to handle heartbreak; Cry.

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How to Handle Heartbreaks

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b. Research

How to handle heartbreak

How to handle heartbreaks via research is a most talked about topic by people who didn’t do research before jumping on a shot or entangling themselves with someone. Won’t beat around and pretend I have never been one of those to not do research before falling for someone. Tough times but anyway this usually works best before jumping and taking a shot at love or before the roots spread over in an entanglement.

Knowing what sort of relationship is about to happen makes it easy to avoid being branded as entanglement, a Stan, stalker, cousin or house help and just friends. Knowing what the person likes, their personality and other quirks, whether they are in a relationship, what their last relationship was like, if they like handling things in public or private, how they react to different kinds of advancements. Having this kind of information helps to avoid problems, second tip on how to handle heartbreaks; Research.

c. Social media activity

How to handle heartbreak

The best way to handle a heartbreak is to get off social media the moment things hit a wall and unnecessary attention starts coming.

An article on BBC 3 suggests that unfollowing the person on social media, removing or deleting anything that triggers painful or embarrassing memories like photos and texts help with healing.

Social media break also helps especially with urges to stalk, check up and try to understand every subliminal message or picture that is going around.

d. Talking to friends

A friend in need is a friend in indeed.

Cambridge Dictionary
How to handle heartbreak

Dee Holmes being a psychologist is a given on why talking would be recommended In the article. The article says that talking to friends and keeping a diary of how one feels also helps one to handle heartbreaks. Guess we know the reason why the gunners and red devils fans handle their heartbreaks no shade intended. Talking to friends help us feel better after.

Talking makes the huge load drop from the chest, the stupid decisions, the thoughtful thoughts and gestures hit different when friends know of them and act as a support system. Friends are very honest, they give real input and sometimes are just good excuses when it comes to venting and ranting.

These are some of the ways on how one can handle heartbreaks especially when it ends in tears.

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Wisdom Manda has been a closeted writer ever since he can imagine, recently started writing for everyone and so far has two entries on Medium. Besides blogging he also writes Poems and Manages a music Platform called Spiritunez.

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  1. Deleting them from your socials is it. There’s no way you’ll see what they are up to, even better not see them at alll!!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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