Welcome to My First Blogmas


It is so surreal that December is here already and I’m partaking in my first blogmas. I have been so excited about participating and now here I am. The year 2020 has been all kinds of weird. As we inch closer and closer to clocking out and entering a new year, I wanted to share more.

You might be wondering what blogmas is. Well, Blogmas/Vlogmas in the blogging or vlogging world is a challenge where you post everyday till Christmas. A lot of bloggers and vloggers follow a Christmas theme during the time. However, considering I’m not huge on Christmas, I wanted this to be my round up of the whole year.

I have lived a year and a half and I am so thrilled to share it all. The good, the bad and everything. Although, a bit of festivity will be shared from time to time. Hey, I have 24 days for this.

During the time, I hope to have some of the people that collaborated this year for another post. It would just be a perfect way to celebrate the year.

If you are wondering how it work considering I’m doing a 16 Days Blogathon. Well, they will run together. Everyday, a post on Blogmas and another on #16DaysofActivism will be done. Activism will run till the 10th of December, and only then will I focus on Blogmas alone.

I did not intend for this to be long. With that said

Welcome to Blogmas my loves!!!

What to look out for this week:

  1. Welcome to Blogmas
  2. A rundown of my December Plans
  3. 5 favorite Christmas films of all times
  4. My Christmas wish-list
  5. December events to be excited about


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