Using the Divide and Rule Method for Low Wages

divide and rule

If there is one thing I have learned to detest as an adult is the divide and rule method. This bold statement comes from experiences from the national leadership that I have witnessed. Including the companies I have worked for since I started. It always is a bitter feeling when I sit on my desk and witness the divide and rule method being used all the time.

They don’t want to see us unite, all they want us to do is keep on fussing and fighting.

– Bob Marley

I remember the first time I heard of this phrase, I was in uni in a management class. The lesson was leadership and conflict management. Our lecturer introduced this method of leadership, and almost everyone could relate based on their own experiences. Some swore to have never encountered it. And I too, might have been that naive girl. We all thought we would work for companies that embraced team spirit. Companies that encouraged togetherness etc.

Now, thinking of such wishes, plus the experience I have now, boy was I naive. Let me get serious.

I have worked for 3 companies thus far. All have molded me in a way. But all three had one similar management style. They all used the divide and rule method. Whether it was knowingly or unknowingly is all up to them.

Having worked for Asians, and have friends that also work for some, I got to the idea that most of them use this method. Unfortunately, due to the nature of their employees, most are taken advantage of unknowingly.

And this is where my concern comes to life……….

How they use the divide and rule for low wages

It would be a lie if we said that Asian people are not the biggest employers in the country. However, they are also the masters of manipulation when it comes to giving fair pay to their employees. Once in a while, their employees strike for better pay. Then they get manipulated into thinking the peanuts they are getting is the best they can afford. While the folks wire money to the UK as sureties if things ever get bad here.

At the end of the day, it is my fellow countrymen that get stepped on. It all falls to divide and rule.

They have mastered the art of keeping the troublesome quiet.

What they often do is, they select those they think will be trouble in the long run. And then they spoil them rotten. What this means is they give the few chosen the best wages possible. They give them all the benefits required, eg health, paying fees for their kids etc.

They just make sure that they are pampered. And the rest of the employees feed off the breadcrumbs.

That way, when the rest complain about the low wages, the few that have the ability to fight cannot. Why? Cause you do not say bad about the mouth that feeds you.

So people complain about low wages, and are given just a handful of breadcrumbs from the ones already given. So they can shut up for the time being, while the chosen few rejoice.

The most unfortunate thing is, there is no one to fight for them. Even when those from the labor offices visit, they are given enough money to blind their eyes, close their mouths and lose their files. They are bribed.

And do you know why they do not complain?

Because if they ever do, chances of ever working for other Asians are low. Which means a damaged CV. Considering the fact that they are the largest employers in the country, no one would want to get in their bad books.

That is my opinion anyway. What is yours? Comment your thoughts below.

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