uncensored by louisa msiska

Not advisable for persons under the age of 18.

1. Sights in Hidden Spots

How can one be so sculptured?
My thoughts as I stare
He stands by the window
Confident in his naked form
Watching the birds chirp in the tree
As he sips from his tea
His back muscles flexing
Awakening my demons from within
His bum small but sexy
His thighs like those of Hercules
It is his front I yearn to see

I still remain hidden as he turns
His body moving slowly like in the movies
His manhood sprouting to my sight
My eyes glowing
How can one be so sculptured?
The one question my brain still asks
His eyes searching the room
As though sensing my presence
His penis erected beautifully
Glowing more with the morning light
My body fighting not to rush to him
My hands itching to wrap my hands around him

We only fight feelings for so long
I slowly move from my hiding spot
My eyes instantly catching his brown ones
My heart drowning in his soul
My insides melting
My undies soaking
My breathing constrained
Heart pounding
As he takes the first step towards me,
I lose it

2. Torture

Your eyes draw me in
My insides rumbling
My lips craving to taste your own
My body wanting to be touched
My hands needing to feel you
Both our breathing growing faster
Eyes filled with lust
My mind still wondering
Why are your lips not on mine already?
Why do we still have our clothes?
Why are we not moving?
You finally place your hand on my cheek Igniting a scorching fire in me
Between my legs
Closing my mind off all thoughts
Your face clouding it
What are you doing to me?
My eyes close as your hand travels
Going lower and lower the path of my spine Making my body push itself closer to yours Leaving no space between us
My lips really needing to unite with yours
My mind screaming ‘Take Me Now’
Stop the torture and put your lips on mine
Remove my dress
See the beauty of my body underneath these clothes
Take me to another world
A world I want to travel with just you
Finally, as you lower your lips to mine
I feel my world complete
Feel the pieces put in place
The fire burning more
Wanting you more
Needing you to be inside
And unravel harmonies

3. All Off

The world was created for love
We are two souls searching for love
And we found it within each other
We found love, lust
And every day, we make sure to be satisfied

The air filled with lust
And love
Your lips nibbling on my neck
Creating a bunch of love bites Red as roses
Bright as the stars

Your hands travelling from my breasts
To my belly button
To the front of my jeans
To the inner of my dressed thighs
Tightening my insides for a bust

As you take off my blouse
Your lips lower to my bosom
Kissing them from outside the bra
And as the bra goes flying off
Your lips attack my nipples
Nibbling and biting
Making my hands hold tightly cling to the sheets

But this is not a one man’s game I remove your shirt
To feel your big arms
To feel your chest
To feel the length of your spine

Our jeans go off
Your mouth travelling down more
And as it finally settles on its destination Gripping the panties with your mouth
You take them off in the sexiest way
Making chills go down my spine
Wondering what else is next for the night

4. Swallow You Whole

Your body is my treasure
Which I only find when I remove your clothes Digging through layers of fabric
To find the masculinity

My lips crave the taste of your body
Creating a path from your lips
Your thighs
A pleasurable journey

A twitch from your manhood
Showing me the excitement in you
Chills covering every inch of your body
Your eyes searching mine

While I tease
Kissing my way back to your lips
You groan loudly
Your eyes pleading

I tease more
Kissing you everywhere
My hands touching everywhere
Just not where you want them to be

Getting tired
You grip my hands
Guiding them to your wood
Massaging, caressing

My lips follow
Unleashing the pleasure
My eyes searching for yours

And as you groan and moan
Spewing curses and praises
I decide to swallow you whole
Have you to my mercy
Our eyes locked

5. Do Me, Do You

My breathing fast 
How long will I last?
You ask

My hands gripping the sheets
My eyes half closed
My mouth ajar
No words

My breasts perked
Seeking their own attention
My mind perplexed
How good can it be?

My thighs tightening
As my derriere pushes forward
Negotiating for more
Not wanting for this to stop

My mind puzzled
How can a tongue be that good
Thrusting deeper and deeper
Getting to my sweet spot

Your hands coming up
Gripping my perky breasts
Playing with them
Pinching them

Angels do sing beautifully
I hear them
As I inch closer
Closer to my climax

As you thrust faster
My legs start to shake
Hitching my breathing
Eyes shutting fully
Heart drumming more
Then I burst
Unleashing all the juices from within

6. Like A Rose

 Take care of me
Like you would a rose
Kiss me deeply
Make me feel wanted
Touch me everywhere
Let me be the one you need
Because you are the one I need
The sight of you takes my breath away
Clouds my mind with what I want to do with you
Mesmerized with your eyes
Your kindness
Yet also remembering the torturous things you do
Torturing me sweetly

Laugh with me
Even to the most stupid of stories
Be my bestfriend
And my lover
Become the reason I see the world green
The reason I forget my problems
The reason I remember the existence of happiness
Become my cliché
But also the one I cannot guess on
Yin to my yang
The one to my heart
The reason life is not hard

I will treat you like a rose
Put it in a vase
Water it
Remove its thorns
Appreciate its beauty Appreciate its rarity Make it candid
And complete
Make me complete
Enter within me
Make our bodies whole

7. As It Rains

She lays in front of me
Naked as the day she was born
Her eyes locked with mine
Her hands playing with her bosom
Her lips inviting me
As they stay ajar

The rain presents the perfect mood
Her presence sexy as that of the rain goddess Her tongue slowly wetting her lips
Making my inside turn into turmoil
My soul shaken
My manhood standing straight as a ruler

My heart beating for the sight I see
My body heating up
My tummy filled with dragons
Wanting to rest with her insides
My mind clouding with her aroma
My hands wanting to touch her whole

As I lay on top of her
Placing my lips on top of hers
For a sweet kiss
My hands direct her legs to wrap around my hips
Her arms travelling the length of my spine Leaving chills everywhere they go

My manhood finds its own direction
Getting inside her
Making us whole
And for a second I just lay there
Enjoying her tightening me
Allowing me into her

As I thrust
Deeper with every thrust
Unveiling her path more
Wrapping myself in her warmness
My hands play with her breasts
Making her chest touch with mine

Our moans louder
Louder with each step we climb
Steps that lead to our climax
Our moans,
They lace with the beats made by the rain Creating a harmony only we can enjoy

The ground shakes
The walls closing in
Her thighs tightening
Pushing me deeper
Making me lose myself to her
A feeling reserved for her

As our climax reaches
Our thrusts become faster
Our curses louder
Our breathing heavier
Our eyes locked on each other

And when we both reach it
Her juices lacing with mine
Our lips molding
Our hands meshed
I wonder
Is she my rain goddess?

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