TRIP: My 2018 Journey


I can summarise 2018 as, “A raging storm,” that is what it has been like. It has been a bittersweet year, gained so much while also losing. Now just a day away from getting to 2019, I would like to share part of my trip with you. Let’s get started:


This has been the best moment of the year, I made sure to volunteer a lot regardless of my busy schedule of work and school. From volunteering at the Sand Music Festival in late October, to preaching peace under the National Youth Peace Forum (NYPF). Under the NYPF alone, I was able to educate at least 70 people in Blantyre, Mangochi and Kasungu on Peace, Conflict Management and Transformation, something that is surreal to me.

What I loved about the volunteer work is the building of friendships with people I never thought I ever would.

Finally got done with school

Well, I am not done done, but I am done. Wrote my final exams in end September, was able to snub 2 distinctions and 2 credits from them, talk about slaying exams lol. Right now, writing my dissertation, which by the way is a huge pain in the arse. But, I finally can say, I sleep alright at night now than before. The sensation that the huge part of my degree is done is just amazing.

Alas, found a job

After 9 months of being unemployed, I finally got myself a job. I was excited about the money, but the stress of it all was just something I hadn’t fully prepared myself for. I had a transition from working at a media company as a TV presenter and a marketing officer to being an accounts assistant. The pressure to get on the train and learn quickly, the stress of the job itself, everything was just too much. But now, can gladly say I have clocked a year working and still haven’t felt like quiting, so something must be just fine.

Family keeps growing, I need the Best Aunt Award

Four of my cousins delivered this year, making me a 4x aunt. My other niece was born just two days ago. For this, I thank the Lord. Plus, it has just been amazing to see a lot of my relatives prosper and achieve this year, in their jobs, businesses , school and their families. It is always a great feeling when the family wins together. But, we also lost some members, and that has been the most sour pill to swallow.

Entering 2019 single!

2018 allowed me to understand my emotions, my inner wants and needs and how I wanted them taken care of. It has been a complicated year relationship wise. Somewhere, at some moment, I fell deeply in love with a soul, as beautiful as it was. But after some time, I realised I was the only one with such emotions, and so I broke my heart and started healing again. To be honest, the feelings are still around, but not as intense. It has truly been a roller coaster.

Grateful for my bestfriend

One of the people that has still held it down for me, apart from my mum, has been Aida. She has been my strength during moments when I felt I just couldn’t go on, and has in a lot of moments made me taste the bitter truth. She found love this year, that has also been amazing, just seeing her happy.

Poetry collections and my hidden emotions

This has been a great year for poetry collections, I was able to write as much as I could. All the collections I have released are:

  • Happy Birthday Lou
  • Friday Nights
  • Scars
  • Emotions
  • Scribbles
  • Temptress

All of the poems have held my emotions and feelings that I have been scared to express.


One of the goals I failed terribly at is fully committing myself is the blogging. So much of life happenings stood in the way and made me lazy to plan and fully commit, something I plan on changing in the next year.


I again failed at stopping to smoke cigarettes. I made it a goal for 2018, but yet again, I found ways to sneak in a stick or two when overridden with emotions, somethings I am not proud of at all. I feel I should tried harder and done more, but I chose to be a slag and found many reasons not to stop the bad habit.

Overall, this has been a learning year, with a lot of trials and tribulations. They’ve been days when I have slept with tears in my eyes and others filled with smiles. I genuinely thank God, my parents, friends and everyone that has been there for me. Thankful to those that took their time to read my bodies of work, review them and give me honest critics. They’ve been downfalls but also, have had many moments of undeniable bliss.

My goal for 2019 is to do more, rework on the failed goals and finally win. But mostly, to be content and happy with all that I have, and make sure to put smiles on more people.

How was your year? What have been some of the moments you cherished? Any downfalls? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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