Third Eye: No Time for Era Album Review

third eye no room for era album review

No Room For Error No Room For Era is Third Eye’s ninth studio album. He is a man that has solidified his legendary status in the Malawian Hip Hop industry, but if people had doubts, then this album serves as a great reminder of his lyricism, delivery and artistry. Was given the opportunity to listen to this body of work, and decided to share my own views of this great body of work. Apart from Eli Njuchi’s Z album, this is one solid body of work in the country this year.

third eye no room for era album review
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I Am King

Probably the best way to start an album, by reminding people that you are king. He reminds everyone how long he has been in the game. There is a not so gentle warning of how his social media presence does not allude to people knowing him.

They can't be when they don't talk about me
At least that's the self expression I do teach...

Time Machine

The lyrics of this song are not just perfect, but they continue off from the interlude above. In I Am King, he expresses

They can never break me
Thank God that they never made me
They can never change me.......

In Time Machine, he expresses about the race he is in with himself. However, the hook is still a reminder of how people’s judgment don’t reflect much on him. And again, he puts a gentle reminder on his artistry and how great the journey has been.

The special touch of the song are the smooth ballads from Kim of Diamonds. Makes one question why she is still underrated in the industry.

This is Money

Biggest take home is that people you break bread with will stub you in the back for money. It also sounds like Third is advising someone special to him, and not just his fans who get to listen to this song. The best part of this song is perhaps the beat, it is catchy. In a way, it reminded me of Jay Z’s, The Story of OJ.


There was a time I used to listen to Danny Kalima’s music like religion. Imagine my delight when I heard him on this tune. The song itself carries a sol vibe, a perfect decision to a song dedicated his mother.


Gents, here’s a song that provides great instagram captions for those WCW posts of your girls. This is some sweet diversity, a subtle love song that was not anticipated with how the album started off.

Remember that guy that gave us Melanie, then disappeared? Yep, ItsFriday is on the hook, and I could not help but wish he could drop another project. His vocals are perfectly rusty on the hook, before he unleashes perfect ballads in the second verse backup vocals.

This is Why

This is a refresher. A somewhat slow beat, rusty vocals, not too fast of lyrics, makes you take a little break. It was done in a way to prepare one of the second half of the album.


This is probably my least favorite from the album, but one that made me move my shoulders. But, there is something about Episodez verse that is delightful.

Nyimbo yonseyi yazizungu mbwee, 
ndimadana ndazungu John Chilembwe


The climax of the album is this song. You get to witness the perfect blend of three amazing artists in Malawi. The lyrics, just as powerful as the voices behind them. Classick was the perfect start to this song. And again, we are graced with Kim of Diamonds beautiful ballads.

Mental illness is underestimated from its impact
I mean without its impact
You wouldn't have to drink that
You wouldn't have to smoke that

Quentin Quarantino

See what he did there? Quentin Tarantino, Quentin Quarantino. This was the last nail to remind fans of his OG status. I would have preferred if this was the outro of the project. It would have been the best closing statement from I Am King. It is kind of playful, but solid at the same time.


My exact reaction to this song was, ‘WHO THE HELL IS KAS?’ This songbird was perfect. It is a sweet way to close off a great album. This song also makes one appreciate the production of the song and the whole album in general.

With hat said, congratulations Mandela for giving us a great album. We now wait for No Room For Era 2.

What is our favorite song so far? Leave comments below.


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