10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day If You’re Single


February can be a daunting month when you’re single. From the romantic cards displayed in almost all shops you can walk in, love songsfrom your favorite radios, romantic gifts etc. It can be overwhelming, cause it reminds you so much of how single you are. Here I have 10 things you can do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single.

Before I go on, just remember that February is a month of love. So do whatever you want that will make you love yourself more and those around you. Without further wait, here are 10 things to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single:

1. Have a movie marathon

Movie  Marathon

The beauty of 2020’s Valentine’s Day is that it falls on a Friday. Which means you can come from work, make some popcorn, grab a blankie and watch your favorite movies.

2. Spoil yourself

Spa Day

Spoiling yourself is such a therapeutic thing to do. Go to a spa, have that facial done, have a medi and pedicure and look like a boss. Or, get some shopping done. Because that, is part of self love.

3. Watch some soccer

Soccer at home

Remember, Valentine’s Day will be on a Friday. Lucky enough, if you’re an EPL fan, there will be a game on that same night. Have some friends over, open beers and just enjoy the game.

4. Host a singles party

A singles party with all your single friends

A singles party is one where you invite all your single friends to hang out. I attended one 3 years ago, and till date I still think that was one of the best Valentine’s Day ever in my life. Pity loves a party, throw one and see happiness replace it.

5. Babysitting


If your sisters, brothers or cousins are planning on a romantic getaway and they need someone to watch the kids, volunteer. Kids are fun to hang out with, plus they make you grounded and take your mind off of things.

6. Volunteer


You can actually volunteer for different causes on the day. As it is a month of love, choose to share it with those that need it. Volunteer at an orphanage, play with the kids, make special love cards for hanging. Anything to give love to those that desperately need it.

7. Bake, Cook, Clean

Chocolate  muffin

If you love to bake, cook or clean, then do just that. By the way, ain’t no sweet way of spending the holiday alone with something to sweeten your tooth.

8. Pop a bootle of wine and just chill

Grab that rich bootle of wine and pour yourself a glass. In fact, make it more serene by playing soft tunes. Accompany the glass with either cheese bites or chocolates and just ease away.

9. Have a date with your best friend

A date

If your best friend seems not to have any plan for the day, then go on one with them. It will allow you to get price cuts from restaurants etc. Have a good dinner, then go by a bar and grab a drink and just reminisce about life.


I saved the most important for last, make sure to stay far away from your phone. Being on your phone will mean seeing couples being lovey dovey, all the gifts your friends are getting. If you’re a mushy person, this will ignite feelings which could possibly make you do stupid things. Like texting your ex, or shooting your shot unnecessarily. Therefore, get away from your phone.

However, these are all my ideas on 10 things to do on valentine’s day if you’re single. Remember, you can do anything you want with anyone you want. But, if you’re stuck, then read back and choose which one of the ideas above tickles your fancy.

Have more great ideas, drop them in the comment section below.


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