The Story Behind: SCARS


Recently, I released a short poetry compilation “S C A R S,” which initially was aimed to put to light issues of depression and anxiety and how bad they can be to those preyed on. I wanted to put to light something I have dealt with and know others deal with but are afraid to speak it loud with fear of dejection, disbelief or being laughed at.

Read ‘Who Is Listening’ here, a second poem in SCARS

I grew up in a country where issues to do with depression, anxiety or mental health are not taken so seriously or as mostly stated “diseases for the white and privileged.” Unfortunately, I caught that problem, and it got worse after finding out about my bio father. In the moment when I felt trapped in a dark hole, I felt scared and alone and sometimes had suicidal thoughts.

My experiences with depression and what I have seen other people go through made me write the compilation.

Each poem connects personally to me. Each one of them has a bit of me indented in them. But my hope is that it gets in someone’s hands who can realise that their are a lot of us who have grown through the worst in life but we still try to strive. For that person to know that we understand how hard it can be, the self-harm, self-hate, death calls etc. But they should always know that we are there for them.

If you suspect yuur friend of being in that situation, be there, show them love and affection. That bit of love and care brings hope.



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