I love how the internet has made communication easy. It has simplified ways of making friends for introverts like me, WE FINALLY HAVE A CHANCE TO BE LOUD FREELY. It has enabled people to find love and nurture it, just the same way others have lost love trying to live by the standards set on the internet. But the one thing I love about it, it has allowed us to shoot our shots to crushes we fail to speak to in person.

Let me tell you a little story.

So, lil ol’ me had a crush on someone, started seeing his pictures on Instagram, then I followed him on Twitter, added him on Facebook and LinkedIn. Best believe, I liked all the content this guy put out on social media. And I liked every picture he posted.

Sometimes, seeing his pictures on my timeline gave me butterflies in my tummy, he was just a snack for my eyes. So one day, I decided I was done just crushing in private and decided to tell him.

Now, y’all know that can go two ways, he could either be like:

“I like You Too” OR “Girl, get outa here”

I didn’t care, my mind was made up. I opened up my Insta, searched his name and off I went writing a cliche poem for him:

This might sound insane

I might sound creepy

But I think I like you

This is hard to admit

But each time I see you

I feel like I've known you

For a thousand years

I swear, I really do like you

See, I should have chosen a different way to shoot the shot, but nooooo, my mind had navigated all other realms of putting the messages across and that was the only viable path.


Best to say, he blueticked me and I was okay with it.

A year after, Mister decided to start liking my pictures on Facebook, instantly awakening the interests. I would stupidly tell myself that “Words sound better after they’ve been slept on.” I had finally gotten my crush’s attention, I could hear the wedding bells, could see my gown, his body draped in a sexy tuxedo, beautiful flowers etc.

Anyway, one time, we happened to be at the same event and my body felt flushed. This are the thoughts that were in my head:

“Should I talk to him?”

“Should I not?”

“If I talk to him, he will think I am creepy”

“But then, it could make us be friends”

“I should act like I don’t know him”

“He looks good though”

“Did he come here with a date”

“Bet she isn’t that great looking”

This whole conversation happened within 5 seconds before I decided I would just let him slide and do me.

Then him and his friends started acting like snobs and just disrupting the event. They were drunk, and while I drink heavily myself, I love a guy who still keeps his composure after being intoxicated. I felt sad, because the more of a brat he acted, the less my mind felt like he was that person I liked.

Any-who, I still like him, a little. He still has a good body, one to die for. I shot my shot and he curved it. Dumbass.

Moral of the story: shoot you shots to the people you like, but always remember that a lot of us put on a facade on the internet to look cool but we are different people in real life. Never be disappointed when the person becomes a different person than you expected, it only means that you FELL FOR THE FACADE.

Have you ever shot your shot on anyone? Slide in the DMs? How did it turn out? Comment your “shoot your shot” stories.

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  1. I finally followed back this one girl who kept liking and commenting on my posts. She immediately slid into my DMs with “finally, how was I supposed to shoot my shot..” We started dating a few weeks later

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