the future is female: is it though?

The Future is Female: But Is It Though?

‘The Future is Female’ has become an anthem for a lot of young women, which is lovely to see. It is interesting because it does come with a positive mindset of a better future. But lately, it has become something that has been annoying me. Before you decide to orchestrate me, hear me out first. Remember, these are my views and mine alone.

Like I said, the saying alone brings positive vibes which I cannot denounce. I actually applaud it. However, the more I have heard the word ‘THE FUTURE IS FEMALE,’ the more it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

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Someone might be thinking, “it is women like you that bring others down,” well yes. I am sorry that I am about to shit on your parade because my mind doesn’t fathom what you believe in.

The saying alone makes my bones crawl just like when an old man stands on the podium and boldly says ‘YOUTH ARE THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW.’ No we are not dimwit, we are the leaders of today. Forgive my foul mouth. Considering how foul my mouth is, maybe we really are the leaders of tomorrow.

Constantly using words like ‘future’ and ‘tomorrow’ when it comes to leadership almost becomes repressive. Because my loves, tomorrow never comes.

I bet if I asked my mum if she was told ‘youth are the leaders of tomorrow’ during her prime, she would nod yes. That is because the saying is older than any old hag you know. Mind your mouth Louisa!

Hear me out. The same way the ‘youth’ have been constantly manipulated into believing they are leaders of tomorrow is the same way we are slowly manipulating each female into thinking they are the future. WHY ARE THEY NOT THE NOW?!

I get it, I probably do not understand the saying. But I would not like to know I am the future, it is almost like being the side chick and waiting for the guy to make you a main. Most times, it never happens.

Dammit, I am losing track again ain’t I? Sorry!

Blatantly saying the future is female is saying, you are not well equipped to be now. It is almost a step back in the great work each woman does to bring change and gain equity or equality, depending on which one of the two you believe in.

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Just like the old folks have made it appetizing to think youth are the leaders of tomorrow, the future is female is almost polishing for the same fail.

Before I wrote this rant, I did a few digging by asking a few of my friends of what they thought of the saying. Most were men, and deliberately so. Unfortunately, they had the same thoughts like mine. Birds of the same feather, duh. Which I must say sounds like toxic masculinity.

The question I was asked most was, “if the future is female, does it mean men still lead currently?” See, TOXIC!

But that is exactly what the saying implies to us heathens. It is a slap on the face to say, until the future comes, men still lead.

I read the reasons why the future is female and it has solid points. However, it borders on reasons why females should be NOW! I will say it again, it brings promises of females being leaders of the future just like the youth have bee promised the same for decades on end.

We are the sex that is tired of being undermined. Women are tired of not being taken seriously, not being involved in decision making. Of thinking WE BELONG IN THE KITCHEN. So now is the time to march on and start making our voices known.

Now is the time to take seats at the round table and make decisions that are beneficial to both sexes. Not in the future, NOW!!!

What I am trying to say girls, ladies, and women is that today is ours to conquer. Not in the future, but today. So, the same way we scratch out tomorrow when it comes to youth leadership, we should do the same to females being futuristic leaders.

But maybe I am wrong, and I am okay with being wrong. Comment your thoughts below, this will be a learning moment for me too.

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6 thoughts on “The Future is Female: But Is It Though?

  1. 1.Considering that the act of “empowering” is a process and change is usually gradual, the future is indeed female.(Don’t look at this phrase from a perspective of a woman that is already empowered).
    2. The phrase is not just for self affirmation, but also advocacy. Telling the community that from then on, ( if they were not yet aware), they WILL look at women as equals, women WILL begin to take positions, etc., from the grammatical point of view.

    1. Hah
      Love the pitch, Your right even though it might not be fully developed,
      We are responsible for today and not tomorrow, nothing has ever been accomplished in full development, tomorrow only leads to excuses, we must act responsibly now. And grow in the process

  2. This is a master-piece. 9/10
    Brilliantly written, love the passion and pace of it – it reads well.
    Your arguments are well thought out too.
    The humour!
    This is the type of piece one needs to read at a UN women’s conference.

  3. First of all good job with the tittle,quite a click bait.second of all,it’s a good point you are making,i half way agree with you.

  4. Believe me when I say that I said that 30 years ago, 20 years ago and 10 years ago and I agree with you today. It’s today. Not later. Now if we only could change the structural and systems that are built in a way that they can’t support women so that you do not have to have this conversation in 30 years still. I applaud you for not throwing the women who came before you under the bus, often time labeled as ‘man hating angry feminists.’ Which is not true, we are weary of the fight. I appreciate your thoughtful exploration as to why this always has to be in the future. I, for my part am cheering you on. Today.

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