EMPTY: A Poetry Collection

Full Moon   It shines through the night  Its light piercing through  The dark skies  Creating a glimmer of hope  To those in dark allies  A symbol of protection  To those that seek it  A beauty of the night  To stupid lovers  Seated on the grass  Watching it shine Decisions  A road diverged  Into two, equally mesmerizing  One road, […]

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Nowadays, people tend to praise things that are evil, and laugh to those that are genuinely looking for help. Yet no one shows as much passion to change it, we all adapt and make it seem like everything is just fine, and that is how we are losing people.

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A Story Called MY LIFE

We were happy Living from the hip of town Wearing the finest of clothes Our smiles so bright As I skip walked With my hands held by my mommy and daddy Happiness lived in us I believed in love The love I saw my parents share Emanating from their eyes The tiny kisses they shared […]

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