Social Injustice

No Longer Chained, Or Are We?

For a year and ten months, I have been working for a company that is owned by Indians. Working here for this long has proved a lot of the stories I have heard and unveiled even worse. Everyone has probably heard of how crooked and inhumane most Indian employers are in Malawi, what I find […]

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We Might Be Sitting on a Civil War

Malawi’s political environment is heavily manipulated by tribalism, nepotism and regionalism. This was well evidenced during the just ended Tripartite elections that saw APM emerge as the President. But is there anything we can do? Read more

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Nowadays, people tend to praise things that are evil, and laugh to those that are genuinely looking for help. Yet no one shows as much passion to change it, we all adapt and make it seem like everything is just fine, and that is how we are losing people.

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