Self Development

4 Lessons Learned on Social Media

I have had access to social media for 8 years now. Have seen so many sites come and go. From Mxit and the horny Indians. MySpace which gave us so much talent. Facebook, Twitter and more. Sometimes, I see my Facebook memories and die with laughter because of what I would write ages ago. And […]

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the future is female: is it though?

The Future is Female: But Is It Though?

‘The Future is Female’ has become an anthem for a lot of young women, which is lovely to see. It is interesting because it does come with a positive mindset of a better future. But lately, it has become something that has been annoying me. Before you decide to orchestrate me, hear me out first. […]

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my dressing is not an invitation to rape me

24 Important Life Lessons Learned in 24 Years

I just turned 24, and boy do I have mixed feelings. It is crazy that I have been on this earth for 24 years, feels like a long time. As usual, when my birthday is near, I undergo a journey of self-reflection. I made that a thing at 18, just something that helps to reflect […]

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