9 Unresolved Political Cases in Malawi

In the game of politics, so much happens and yet no accountability is ever made. It is a game that is exciting to see, but not too much fun to join. That is the case with Malawi, our political environment is filled with crime that it takes away any appetite for one to join. With […]

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SDG 16: Lack of Justice in Malawi

For the past 3 years, I have been advocating for Sustainable Development Goals, a journey that I have tried to document and share with all those of you that read my blog. I have advocated for SDG 16, which emphasizes on the need for Peace, Justice and Good Governance. This time around, I figured to […]

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No Longer Chained, Or Are We?

For a year and ten months, I have been working for a company that is owned by Indians. Working here for this long has proved a lot of the stories I have heard and unveiled even worse. Everyone has probably heard of how crooked and inhumane most Indian employers are in Malawi, what I find […]

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