Review: The Adorable Faith-Victoria Crafts Moneybox

I have made many goals for this year that I want to see them through. One of the goals I’ve tasked myself with is saving money. I’m not the best when it comes to saving money after payday. Or, to speak English, I’m one of the biggest spenders there is. The unfortunate thing is, I […]

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My 2020 Blogging Goals

I hope you have started the year beautifully, with a smile on your face and plans of making life this year better. Speaking of plans, early in December, I started writing my plans for this year and most importantly about the blog. Like every blogger, I wish to grow. But I can’t achieve the growth […]

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New Year Resolutions: Setting Realistic Goals

If you are reading this, then you made it in the new year, and so Happy New Year to you. We just saw the close of the 2018 chapter and are now in the process of writing a new chapter of our lives. And as most people do, we set new goals and objectives for […]

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