Book Review: Stand By Your Manhood by Peter Lloyd

Not many books arouse me as much as Stand By Your Manhood did. From the day I laid my eyes on it, sitting pretty on the bookshelf at KwaHaraba, I figured I had to buy it. That came at a cost of having to battle a friend who felt entitled cause the book was obviously […]

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fake feminists and hidden agendas

Of Fake Feminists and Hidden Agendas

Feminist (adj. /ˈfɛmənɪst/): a person who advocates for the social, political, legal and economic rights for women to equal to those of men. Feminism is a movement that is still growing globally and continuing to fight for equality. While their accomplishments are astounding, there is still that issue of fake feminists still lingering. Here is […]

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Louisa: An Interview With Myself

For the longest period, I have always wanted to conduct an interview with myself. I find it to be therapeutic, an easy way to express my thoughts to me while also sharing myself to all my readers. So today, I took some time to ask myself some questions and share my thoughts.

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Dear Feminists

Dear Feminists, While the men are still talking about the #GilleteAd and discussing whether all men have toxic masculinity or not, I feel it is also important to discuss toxic feminism. But then, all views expressed are mine and you are free to agree or disagree and actually express your own views as well. Feminism: […]

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