Book Review

Book Review: Stand By Your Manhood by Peter Lloyd

Not many books arouse me as much as Stand By Your Manhood did. From the day I laid my eyes on it, sitting pretty on the bookshelf at KwaHaraba, I figured I had to buy it. That came at a cost of having to battle a friend who felt entitled cause the book was obviously […]

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smouldering charcoal by Tiyambe Zelelza

Book Review: Smouldering Charcoal by Tiyambe Zeleza

You know what the problem is? We worship the state, even those of us that attack it. I suppose we caught the bug under the colonialism when our reverence for the state began. Independence did not alter this conditioning. In fact, it grew under the new rulers whose only path to material wealth was through […]

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Tender underneath by angasa salome

Book Review: Tender Underneath by Angasa Salome

“It took me a really long time to realize that the relationship wasn’t something that happened, it was something he did to me” Sometimes a book comes along and has your heart racing, and your mind drawn back to your past. A book that takes you back to memory lane and gives you nostalgia. One […]

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Book Review: The Falls by Ian Rankin

The Falls by Ian Rankin is the 12th novel released under Inspector Reubus series. It is the first novel I have read by Rankin and made me crave to read more of his work. To play homage to the book that made me sleepless, grabbed my soul, I decided to write a book review of […]

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