Blogtober 2020

5 apps every blogger should have

5 Apps Every Blogger Should Have

Bloggers or content creators in general always focus on the content they are producing. However, there is more that is needed to make sure your content appeals to the right audience. If you are a blogger, it is more than the words. Cause after writing, you need people to read your blog. So, naturally you […]

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10 facts about me

10 Facts About Me

I have spilled quite a number of things about myself on this blog, but this time, I wanted to be literal. Wanted to share a few facts about myself, some that I just realised I hadn’t accepted until now. Yea, I started drafting and some things I do just hit me right in the face. Here are 10 facts about me that you should know about.

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what to expect from me this blogtober 2020

Hello there Blogtober: What to Expect from Me

Learn everything you expect from me during the Blogtober 2020. A schedule of all posts that will be shared on the blog and more

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