Simple Brandy Cocktail Recipes


Last week, I rekindled my love for cocktails when my friends and I had them at Elly’s B. We made a pact to have a cocktail night where I would fix them drinks based on my abilities. Based on last night’s feedback from both of them, I did a good job. So I wanted to share a few of the simple brandy cocktail recipes that I made last night, to help those that are tired of always having brandy on the rocks and shots.

1. Ginger Brandy Beer

A lot of people dislike mixing ginger and spirits, however I have learned that with a proper mixture, you can make them work.

– 2 shots of ginger ale

– 2 shots of tonic water

– 2 shots of lime

– 4 shots of brandy

– a slice of lemon

And a lot of ice

The tonic water washes neutralizes the ginger and thus allows it to perfectly blend with the lime and brandy. Have this when you just want a chilled time and do not want to get drunk so early in the night.

2. Lumamba

With this cocktail, I wanted to appease my sweet tooth while also enjoying the drink.

– 3 scoops of chocolate mint ice cream

– 5 shots of brandy

– grated chocolate

For those that know the Lumamba cocktail do know that it is usually made with chocolate milk, however I chose to use ice cream because of the perfect blend the sugar has with the alcohol. You should know though, the mixture of brandy and sugar allows that the alcohol kick in very fast. So knock yourself out.

3. Sidecar

I love sweet sour cocktails, reminds me of the world and how it evolves. Sidecar is exactly that and I am sure you will love it. I do add a twist to it though,

– 1 shot of brandy

– 1 shot of orange liqueur (this is a tad bit expensive to buy, my suggestion is to buy vodka and mix it with a bit of an orange extract)

– 1 shot of lemon juice

4. Between the Sheets

This is one of the most sexy cocktails I have learned to make. It is romantic yet heavy on the tongue and throat. For those that want to make a Sidecar stronger, aim for BTS. Its ingredients are similar to those of a Sidecar, all you do is add a shot of Rum and flamed orange peel.

I hope you will love these mixtures. Do give feedback on which one of them you love the most. I will soon be trying some gin cocktails and will share recipes once it is done.

Stay beautiful.


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