Review: The Unveiling of Ten A.M Band


Bands, well that is a completely different world when it comes to Malawi’s music industry. The band world is tense and has a form of rigidity to breakthrough. This is also attributed to the fact that most beloved bands are professionals in reggae or dancehalls, a genre that is loved in the country. For the few that are outside this genre, then they have to be in the gospel scenery. The rest find comfort in performing in lounges or clubs with less fuzz put into promotion of their craft, which sometimes also means that less recorded music and airplay for them. Hence, it becomes interesting when a new band comes to town. Thus, I was personally interested to see the new band Ten A.M perform last Saturday at Kwa Haraba, an afro-centric cafe in the heart of Blantyre.

[wpvideo MZaXpBJn]

People poured to the cafe, filling up the tables while huddling around cups of coffee or glasses of red wine. The romantic weather created a peaceful vibe that serenaded the friends that were around. At 10:30am, the first few guitar strings were strung, bringing a sense of anticipation from the first attendees that were available. At a corner, seated, were band-mates Abraham (guitarist) and Mirriam (vocalist), with Elijah who was the collaborative storyteller for the day.

When their music started, it was a moment of bliss. Mirriam’s smooth voice was a calming consolation to the long week that had been lived.


Her melodies were perfectly blended with the guitar strings, and one could easily tell the beautiful connection that was there between the two. They easily glided from song to song, performing their own original music and other famous covers.

Collaborating with a story-teller also seamed to be a great idea, it gave listeners a breather from the music.


Elijah, with his soul catching stories and slow, low but loud voice easily caught attention of those around. Perhaps, one of the best moments was when Elijah and the band collaborated their story and the music, it gave a musical feel to the story without the actors.

What I loved is that they are already writing and performing their original music and not just covers. During the afternoon, they had most of the attendees loudly singing along to the music they were performing. It was both lively and lovely.

Overall, their music was a perfect blend with the vibe of Kwa Haraba. It is understandable why they were able to bag a contract with the cafe that allows them to perform there every last Saturday of the month.

Amazing performance. A great time. The Ten A.M band was unveiled. Check them out this weekend (2nd February, 2019) at Blantyre Farmer’s Market as they will be performing live.


Here are a few more pictures of the day:


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