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I have made many goals for this year that I want to see them through. One of the goals I’ve tasked myself with is saving money. I’m not the best when it comes to saving money after payday. Or, to speak English, I’m one of the biggest spenders there is. The unfortunate thing is, I mostly spend money on things that are worthless and start regretting later. In the spirit of wanting to save more, I got myself a moneybox from Faith-Victoria Crafts.

I wanted to review the money box itself, cause I find it to be interesting. But first, a little background about my customer experience.

My customer experience with Faith-Victoria Crafts

Having done a transaction with Faith-Victoria Crafts before, it wasn’t hard to contact her. Last year, I had bought a journal from her, which I still use now for my blog planning. I texted her on Tuesday, requesting that she makes me one. Faith was swift, instantly asking me about the fabric she should use. Considering I can indecisive most time, all I told her was

I want something flowery

She made a fabric suggestion and I instantly loved it. Immediately after I had decided, she went to work on it.

Early the next day, she informed me that my moneybox was ready and she would be sending it. I did my mobile money payment, and patiently waited for my baby to get home.

Moneybox Review

Review: Faith-Victoria Crafts Money-box

It is a beautiful wooden box covered in a black flowery ankara. The purple and gold just gives it the perfect shine that it needs. Plus, makes it scream, touch me.

The back of it has two screws which would need to be plied open when time comes. Which is perfect for reuse, because I’d just have to screw it back up. Unlike most saving boxes that need to be broken if you want to open it.

It is not heavy at all. And just elegant simple that it would look great anywhere you put it. I love putting it in a place that I can see it everyday. Just so I am urged to put in something everyday.

Overall, it is so beautifully done and I am in love.

Here are some more designs of money boxes done by Faith-Victoria Crafts. If you want to get in touch with her, you can do so on:

🌐 Faith Victoria Crafts Or WhatsApp: 0884247741

Review: moneybox

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