Reflections of the Year, 2019


It is the 364th day of 2019 and I can already smell 2020. But before we close the show and start a new chapter, I’d like to reflect on this year and my achievements and mishaps.

This year has given me both sweet moments and also tough ones. I have broken down a lot over missed opportunities and just failed missions, but somewhere along the we, I also learned to start laughing and enjoying the time. I have met the most incredible people, I have lost some. It has been a rollercoaster, one with lessons and one I can’t change bit.

But to the most significant, here are some:

1. Finally Got That Degree, Gurlllllllll

I couldn’t have been more happy, till date, I sometimes look at the paper and think it isn’t true. This is because of the journey I have had with my education. It was never rosy, the intense studying during grace weeks even after having a semester full to do that.

I find this special because of the pride I saw and felt from my parents. It felt good making them happy.

meditating on a hill at Chongoni

2. I fell in love with nature and traveling

Most of you know how that happened, first hiked the Chiradzulu Mountain (which was a pain in the ass) and wrote about that. But to be honest, that was the beginning of a love for travel and nature.

It is also becoming a reason enough to get out of the house more and do something that I seem to be enjoying. And the few places I’ve seen so far have been so spectacular and have made me want to do more and see more of Malawi and the gems it has.

3. I achieved my blogging goals

The year had started well when it came to blogging, but sometime in March, I just lost track. I took a break which just seemed to elongate after each day. But from October, I got back on track and was able to achieve the goals I had set in place.

Been such a fulfilling year, having to grow my views, and my following on the blog. At the same time, it has been amazing just sharing a part of me with you guys and that is special.

Nkhatabay road – picture by Kondwani

4. Said goodbye to cigarettes

This was my goal last year which I failed to achieve. But in January, I did everything possible to fight it. There have been tough times when my emotions are running wide and I ended up lighting one and dragging the hell out of it, but I’m glad to say that that is now behind me.

5. Questionable love for my job

Suddenly my job doesn’t seem satisfying anymore. More times I have had to force myself to make it there. I have figured that the love I had for it has not been there lately, I feel like I’m slowly breaking up with it.

6. Volunteerism

This has been great, another year that I’ve learned so much and shared my knowledge and skills to my fellow youth. Volunteered the most for Youth SDGs Corps Malawi as a Facilitator for Goals 16 and 17. At the same time, I volunteered for Nyasa Music Festival earlier in the year and Sand Music Festival just recently. For this, I’d like to thank everyone who gave me the opportunity to work with them and saw the value of my skill set.

Malape Pillars

7. Most times, I forgot to live for me

Somehow, this year was mostly spent with me doing what others wanted me to do which made me forget to actually live life for me and not others.

8. Panic attacks, sleep paralysis and just breaking down

Most times, I blamed myself so hard for all that was going wrong. I blamed me and me and me. And this led to a lot of breaking down, a lot of tears and a nasty crying face. I also noticed that this year brought a lot of panic attacks than ever, some that were had in front of my nieces, something I’d never want them to ever witness ever again.

Sleep paralysis, my dear old friend.

9. Hair

I have been abusing my hair A LOT. Been changing colors a lot which has weakened it and has caused it to break just as much. I have dyed my hair based on emotions. But now I’ve settled for copper red, which looks BEAUTIFUL.

10. Family and friends

Saved the best for last. My rock, my sources of happiness. They have held me down and loved me for who I am. I love you guys.

This year came with a lot to deal with, but I’m glad I survived it and still been given a chance to do more with life in a new year.

I would love to hear about your 2019, how was it? What made you happy? What did not work out? Please comment below, I would love to hear it all.

Thank you guys for being apart of my journey, I truly appreciate you all and I LOVE YOU.



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  1. Amazing read….I hope you continue writing in 2020….will be a regular now that I am aware of this….all the best in the new year

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