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Protect Your Peace: Maintaining Your Peace of Mind

For the past six months, I have been actively working on ways to protect my peace. For the most part, it was a way of improving my mental health. But, somewhere along the line, I was asking myself so many questions. One that stuck out was, why do we ridicule each other when we choose to protect our inner peace?

I say this because I have been part of the people to laugh at others for doing just that. There was a time I thought it meant one was mentally weak. It was very toxic of me, but it I am not ashamed to say I was part of the problem. I know for sure that a lot more are still in that stance. Where they think someone is weak to not be able to go through it boldly.

What I have grown to realise is that there is more to experience when you full protect your peace. There is a level a wholesomeness that you achieve. You tend to concentrate on yourself, your happiness and silencing the turmoil within you. You finally find peace.

I won’t lie, going through this process meant distancing myself from a lot of people. Not that they are people that I don’t love anymore, but they are those that would pull me back to the stand I was working on leaving. Choosing to do this meant, evaluating everyone in my life and the value they bring to it. It was about facing the toxic friendships I have with others and letting them rest.

And it was hard. Having to let go of people in my life just to find my peace.

Then it was about facing myself. Something that I am still doing. Trying to understand the things I have normalised and do which are toxic. This is important because to find your zen, you need to face everything, most importantly yourself. You need to unlearn a lot of the things you do and find better ways of doing them.

In the process, I learned that all the mistakes I make, I never blame myself. I try to find a scapegoat. This is my coping mechanism. Toxic. Most importantly, I realised the fact that I found others weak for working on their inner peace because I never hard it myself.

As I was evaluating myself, I got to the realisation that social media has an adverse effect on me. In the past few years, I got used to coming up with the most unrealistic goals because of peoples’ success that they show on social media. I started to feel like I was not doing enough at my age.

Again I will say, finding your inner peace is finding your wholesomeness. You find yourself and learn more about you without any societal standards.

The other day, I was listening to Twape’s Podcast on the episode titled It’s ok not to be ok. In it, he said something that I resonated it

Being aware of what the problem area is one side of the coin, the actions and steps that need to be taken to then rid yourself of that darkness and sadness is a completely different thing.

Which is totally true. We often know what our problem is. We know we need to go in search of our inner peace, but often, we do not want to take action and actually find it.

Sometimes, it is that darkness within us that will make us ridicule others whole are actively in search of their inner peace. Or those making sure they protect their peace. So, we laugh when they block accounts on Twitter, shun away from Instagram etc.

But maybe, just maybe, if we were to look within us, find our zen and maintain and protect it, we would understand better.

Tijuana J. Williams said

Once we learn our peace cannot be predicated on people, places, situations, or circumstances, but that it is internal, we will begin to guard our gift. We will recognize that its value is priceless.

So, work on that beloved. Protect your peace always.

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