Of Favorite Brands and Ambassadorship


I have quite a number of favorite brands and a number of them that I would like to work with. This is me manifesting for my future and hoping one day I can creatively work with them and grow.

1. Linga Wine

favorite brads and ambassadorship

Linga Winery produces 8 fruit wines which are slowly fermented and contain no additives. Their fruit wines include Jambula, Strawberry, White Guava and White Peach.

The fruits are procured from local farming, thus improving and supporting the local farming industry.

I am a lover of wine, anyone that knows me knows that’s a fact. More so, I love their wines. Here’s to me hoping that one day I will be able to creatively work with them.

2. Tourism Companies

Working with a tourism company would be the joy of me. This is because of my love for travel, learning new cultures and just exploring. And Malawi is one country that is a beauty untold. I hope to one day work with the Ministry of Tourism or any Tourism country to help share the stories of Malawi.

Again, this is me manifesting and praying one day I get granted.


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