Of Fake Feminists and Hidden Agendas

fake feminists and hidden agendas

Feminist (adj. /ˈfɛmənɪst/): a person who advocates for the social, political, legal and economic rights for women to equal to those of men. Feminism is a movement that is still growing globally and continuing to fight for equality. While their accomplishments are astounding, there is still that issue of fake feminists still lingering. Here is my take on fake feminists and their hidden agendas.

Before I go on, I would like to make it known that this is my personal opinion. Secondly, I am not trying to push it to you all. Just a topic to help bring about conversations to the topic.

Feminism is an inclusive movement. It is divided into different categories based on the goals they each try to achieve. That is why you have people that identify as cultural feminists, or socialist feminist. But this all depends what is being aimed to achieved in the societies.

However, with a new wave of feminists sprouting out each day, both men and women, one could wonder if their intentions are genuine to the cause.

N.B. I write this with the Malawian feminism culture in mind.

My honest opinion is, not everyone is in it genuinely. They are some that are fake feminists with hidden agendas to be accomplished.

fake feminists and hidden agendas

In our different circles, be it on social media and more, we have people posing. They pose to be feminists for different reasons. I’ll explain them below.

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Cont’: fake feminists and hidden agendas

1. It makes people cool

There is something cool about being a feminist. It makes some feel hip in a way. Like they are riding a trend. So, they will join rallies, be vocal, but somehow, still show trends of supporting the patriarchy.

2. Allows them to express their anger under the feminism bandwagon

Feminists are mostly seen as angry people, which is something I would like to refute. Or maybe they are. However, there are many that have joined feminism and have allowed to paint it black.

3. They want to achieve their agendas

Such a movement has so many opportunities available for their members. It helps them grow and create better strategies to achieve goals. These opportunities are very attractive.

The problem that has risen is that you find people proclaiming to be feminists just to tap into those opportunities. Be it the chance to travel abroad for conferences, job opportunities and more. So, you have people who do not understand the ideologies of the feminism, posing as feminists.

In Malawi, we have a lot of these. People that have not studied what the movement is about, that do no know the current position, and the future prospects. That is why you mostly find internet humans harassing others in the name of feminism.

The biggest problem with that is how actual feminists are being overshadowed. Those with the greatest intentions are unable to put their voices out. They are denied opportunities to grow their existing ideas.

Unfortunately, these people make societies think feminists are toxic people and have their ideas stepped on by the masses.

Fake feminists are people who wear the feminism cloak as a fashion statement. When they put it on, they are adored for following the latest fashion. They look pretty doing it. But have no idea what cloth the cloak was made from.

But again, this is my opinion. Share your own opinions down below. Do not forget to also like and share it.


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  1. I did a piece about types feminism with a Zimbabwean blogger, I personally was attacked by Ugandan ladies after we posted, I have learned that like any movement they will be radicals, moderates, and progressives in the feminism movement

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