Nyasa Music Festival: All My Favorite Moments


The first edition of the Nyasa Music Festival (NMF) was this past weekend (19th – 21st April). It was the perfect activity for those that didn’t have any Easter plans and just wanted to be surrounded by great music, food and drinks. In general, it is one festival that was heavily criticized on different social media platforms due to their pricing, their marketing gimmicks (lack of publicized line-up), location (Blantyre v Lilongwe) etc. But I was lucky to be there, not as a patron, but as part of the crew that was working to make the festival a success.

Working at the festival was amazing, definitely allowed for more experience and exposure, but I was so geared to watch the performances that were lined ahead. So, now that I have recovered 50% of my sleep and can function like a normal human again, I would like to share with you some of my favorite moments (performances included) during the whole weekend.

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All of my favorite performances rated:



Everyone who was present at the festival knows. Damn, momma knows how to do her job and she does it perfectly. Her performance was so magnetic, her voice, the dance (shout out to her dancers), her existence. She just knew how to work the crowd and she did it with might.

  1. AKA


I need someone to slap me because I did something stupid while he was performing; I napped through half of it. But, when Fela in Versace started playing, all the sleep was out of my eyes. I loved everything I saw.

[wpvideo nPljM3hi]

What also made me glued to his performance (or the bits I saw), was his band. They were all young, guess would be that average age was 25 and they were very coordinated.

  1. Faith Mussa


I feel like as Malawians, we do not appreciate this man and his talents enough. On Sunday, he showed us his many talents. His vocals were perfect. Plus, his back-up vocalist was a perfect blend. I was locked in from the start to the end, and I must say, I have never stanned a man so hard.

  1. DJ Nathan Tunes


I evidenced all his sets in the three days, and every day, he brought in something different. But overall, his set on Sunday just before AKA went on stage was just amazing. What I liked was how he wasn’t compromising, he brought fire even during moments when there was low patronage in the stadium, and that’s what a great artist does.

  1. Nasty C and Prince Kaybee



I have a hard time rating this two. But then again, I have a crush for both of them and it just makes it hard.

[wpvideo ZVVZWGHa]

However, what disappointed me during Nasty’s performance was how his dj had a bit of a hard time, but Nasty brought in his biggest energy. Prince Kaybee was just flawless; his set was the perfect starter to the craziness of the event.

  1. DJ Noxx


Going to this event, I had no freaking idea who this man was, I had never heard of him before. Now, I am busy searching for his mixes like a maniac. I loved how he had the crowd involved in his performance. The twerk competition, his chats with people after his set, he was just having a good time while making others get in the same vibe.

  1. Patience Namadingo


I was scared for him as he took the stage, you know, with all the controversy surrounding him due to his hosting of the launch of the Castel Beer. But man did he deliver, flawless performance with the best vocals he could master.

Other favorite moments:

  1. My Colleagues

I was mostly working with people I did not know, they were new to me which made my expectations a bit low. But they proved themselves, worked their asses off with no compromise and for that, if they do read, thank you for making me a good supervisor.

  1. New Friendships


I made a whole lot of new friends, some that will make the best drinking buddies in the few days to come.

  1. Drama

Blantyre never disappoints on the drama, and last weekend was no different. I might unpack some of it on my twitter, when I am well rested.

  1. Food and Cocktails by Puchies (didn’t take pictures unfortunately)

It was a wonderful weekend, I loved all of it all. Thank you to the organisers for bringing in all the 4 international acts, well 5 with DJ Noxx. It was historic, and a great start to something that might be big. To Priscilla Mhango, thank you for trusting me yet again to work alongside you.

Were you at the festival, what were your own favorite moments? For those that weren’t, what did you do for Easter. Share photos in the comment section below or on my social platforms.


0 thoughts on “Nyasa Music Festival: All My Favorite Moments

  1. Malawi will forever be grateful. Even though i missed this event, i keep hearing awesome things about it. People where having doubts that since it is in Blantyre, the show will have a low turn out BUT NO!

    And it was a good idea having it in Blantyre even though i think more money would’ve been made more money if it was in Lilongwe.

    With all that said, i feel bad i missed it but reading this has given me a better idea of what went down and trust me, i will not miss it next year. Thanks for sharing and keep on writing!

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