No Longer Chained, Or Are We?


For a year and ten months, I have been working for a company that is owned by Indians. Working here for this long has proved a lot of the stories I have heard and unveiled even worse. Everyone has probably heard of how crooked and inhumane most Indian employers are in Malawi, what I find concerning is how most of them will go as low as treat the uneducated workforce in a modern day slavery manner. While I haven’t experienced any ill-treatment from them, YET, it angers me when I see my fellow countrymen become victims to their cruelty. What angers me the most is how most times, the justice system in the country are easily bribed by said Indians to bury cases unless those wrong offer a better bribe than their masters. It is what happened today during the final minutes of lunch that have made me write this blog.

Today, people in Limbe would have witnessed a fight between my boss and a junior, al due to a petty reason. A driver declined disposing his cigarette after he was done smoking, which to him was disobedience. Voices were raised; hands were flying, luckily not landing on anyone. If that was angering and embarrassing enough, all the commotion took place outside of the offices to be seen by on-lookers and passersby.

The bootylickers in our office went straight to defend our boss, knowing very well that they would be greatly rewarded for sticking to his side. Some of us who are against it have encouraged the young driver to take the issue to law enforcers.

However, from all this, it saddens me that a lot of folk working for most Indians in the country experience modern day slavery where they are talked to like rats. They have endure their behavior because of poverty, knowing full well that the said Indians are the biggest private employers in the country.

They are treated and talked to like beggars, and most fail to seek justice because of the level of bribery and corruption in our justice system. As I said before, sometime our enforcers will make a victim counter an offer of their master if they truly want justice. And so even though these cases are many and piling in their offices, they prefer the bribe over justice.

Question is, how long will we tolerate such behavior in the country? It is time that our law enforcers pull up their socks and punishes those that are in the wrong. There is a need for those that treat their employees and workers like this to learn lessons and do better.


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