New Year Resolutions: Setting Realistic Goals


If you are reading this, then you made it in the new year, and so Happy New Year to you. We just saw the close of the 2018 chapter and are now in the process of writing a new chapter of our lives. And as most people do, we set new goals and objectives for a new year that are meant to guide us all through the year to help us achieve our dreams. However, some of the resolutions that we make are usually unrealistic and become absolute within a few days, weeks or maybe after one or two months. It is therefore important to set goals that are achievable in our spectrum.

Before you come up with your resolutions, ask yourself one question:

“Where do I want to be at the end of this year?”

That one simple question will allow your planning phase way too easier than you think. It is a better step than just putting out something you haven’t really thought about. Making the resolutions is supposed to be a reflection of how your past year was, pin-pointing your successes and failures, knowing what you have to improve, what you have to let go and for those that you were doing good in, to continue the good deed.

It is important that when making the resolutions, just mentally make sure that they are SMART. SMART meaning:

  • Your goals have to be SPECIFIC,
  • They have to be MEASURABLE
  • Need to be ACHIEVABLE and like others like to say, they also need to be AGREED UPON
  • Again, they need to be REALISTIC in every sense
  • Lastly, we ought to make sure that they are TIME-BASED

But because we do not follow through with making our resolutions SMART, the ones we make are usually vague. Second problem is, we tend to make them based on pure emotion and no commitment lent towards them. Write them down in your diary, planner, put a note on your laptop screen, anywhere so that you are always reminded of what you are working towards.

Also, let go of the procrastination (me included), this gets you nowhere. After a few months, be sure to review what you have achieved or if you are in the right path. Also, you can change the goals once you think that the once set goals are not achievable.

Wishing you a great year, let 2019 be that year you prosper in life, business, family etc.

What are some of the resolutions you have made? Share them in the comment section below.


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