New Beauty Marks


When Ciara said, you need to take scars as your beauty marks, she meant it. And today, as I write this, I am comforted by the words.

First of all, let me say that it has been a rough month and a half.

On June 5th, I went to lunch with two of my friends. The food was far from good, but the chills were amazing. As we are talking and laughing, my friend then tells me that part of my neck looks swollen. I quickly dismissed it and said I probably slept badly.

But like they say, once you get aware of a wound, the more painful it becomes.

By 4pm that day, my neck felt foreign. I had a fever and a bad headache. The beginning of it all.

Of tonsils and more complications

The next day, I woke up with an elephant neck. I had issues swallowing, and my head felt like it had grown fat. Literally felt like I was carrying a house on my head.

A visit to the doctor came with results of tonsils, the bad kind. That was the first time I got a taste of benzathine penicillin. Within a few minutes, my legs became numb. I could not move them at all.

Five days later and a completed dosage, the swelling had still not ceased. I could swallow food, but the right side of my neck felt foreign.

An elephant neck, aspiration and more pain

I called my neck an elephant neck, because of how big it had gotten. It was not as huge but still looked abnormal.

After the dosage, my brother who also is a doctor took over. Another examination showed that I had a lymph node infection. Again I was given benzathine penicillin and like before, my kegs went numb.

I took the meds gracefully. But each day came with a new pain. I had constant fever, my whole body ached, then there were the migraines. I was spent. But I had hope that I would be better.

When that dosage was done, I was told of a fine needle aspiration.

The process was that they were going to pierce the swollen part and extract the liquid that was inside. True to their words, about 5mls of liquid was removed and taken to the laboratory for testing. Results came out false negative.

I was given a new dosage. However, for the first time in a while I felt human again. I had a coffee date with my friends at The Baker in Thyolo and I felt happy. We even went as far calling my wound as a golf ball. I had never felt so much better.

Emotional breakdown

The dosage was complete, the pain was still excruciating. They decided to try the last antibiotics before they could perform surgery.

For the first time, I felt my body give up. Each time I tried taking meds, I could feel my throat closing. And if I was able to swallow the pills, I would vomit them within a few moments.

I felt tired. I was done both mentally and emotionally. I saw the bags under my mum’s eyes and knew she was just as tired. I would force myself go to work, but my body would resist.

Last Thursday, I finally broke down. Cried myself to sleep, and felt my body numb.

Of surgery and new hope

On Sunday, my brother finally said a surgery is needed. The date was set to be Thursday.

By 8am on Thursday, I was at Mlambe Hospital.I met one of the rarest nurses ever. When she inserted the cannula on my hand, that was traumatic. I could barely move my hand. I felt pain from the wound and now a pain altogether.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t operate me on that day. Back home I went.

Yesterday, I was back to the hospital. Met a lovely nurse. She was so caring. My veins though decided to play hide and seek. After 20mins, a new cannula was inserted and I was prepped for surgery.

It took them five shots of anesthesia to finally put me to sleep. I know, I know, it is all the brandy shots I take.

Surgery went well. It went perfect. What they found was a sebaceous cyst was was badly infected and was affecting both my nose and ear sinuses, as well as my glandes. Fancy.


Today, I woke up feeling like shit. I can hardly speak, eat, and the pain of the wound is worse. But I have new found hope.

And the scar from this will be my new beauty mark.

To my family and friends

This was not a bad experience to me alone, it affected a lot of my family and friends.

I was glad seeing my mum sleep for close to ten hours last night. She looked so at peace. My dad has been restless too. And yesterday, he sounded relieved.

My family seem happy and I am so glad.

To Ronnie, you have been a shoulder for most of the days. And Frey, I hate seeing you worried. Aida, thank you.

To everyone who took their time to comfort me and were there for me always. I love you dearly.

Of cravings

I suddenly want pork ribs, dunked wings, mac and cheese and just everything meaty. Someone make it work please.


8 thoughts on “New Beauty Marks

  1. Am starting to realize you did winter ABC when you are not well, am mad for that but I applaud your courage, am thinking about all the soccer tweets you were making when you were seriously sick. When I saw your tweets about the procedure yesterday and today morning I was about to ask for the blog about but I knew I would be rude.

    Please take a break and recover fully but you come off as someone who won’t.

  2. Praying you get well soon. Hope from now on you will take it easy on the brandy shots. Do you have UberEats that side so that I can send the pork ribs through.

  3. Imagine me being worried to death and feeling defeated and telling Jia how I couldn’t ask you how you are feeling coz I don’t want to make you sad and he just said it makes alot sense you need to give her space ….It was horrible,I didn’t like it I am Glad for this new hope and as soon as you are able to chew stuff I will be the first to drop off a ton of dunked wings and pork ribs.Get well soon babe

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