Ndirande: A Poem by Emmanuel Msamala

My life begins and sums up a lot here
A life of love and hardships
Nested and raised in a quarantine
Filled with glorious stories and adventures
Painful endings filtered with solidarity
As the orange sun trades path with the diluted moon
But my city sleeps not

Am reminded of the pain
The undying struggles of the streets 
Those once in a while but more often evictions from N2/534
Am reminded of poverty eluded thieves
Those we hold high close to our hearts
Because they feed this quarantine with love
As they prey and hunt for the next
A prodigy!
A somehow ghetto Robin hood.

I am reminded of the love
The God-bestowed beauty
An exquisite level of art and creativity
Crime is a mere façade
It is what we are not
If you look closely you will see powerful innovators like no other

Where my heart dwells and seeks its soul mate
A noisy place but I call it home 
Wawa kwathu ku Ndirande

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About the Poet:

Emmanuel Leslie Msamala is a poet and a student pursuing Bsc in Development Studies at University of Livingstonia. He currently in Lilongwe. Follow him on Twitter and on Instagram.

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