My Christmas Memories



Christmas, a day celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ; the birth of a Messiah. It is the one holiday that I still look up to, more especially with the much needed break from work and just having a down time. However, there are some Christmas memories that I hold dear, which were very important back in the day. And today, I just wanted to share some of these memories and reminisce.

1. New Look, New Outfits

This is something that never failed. Each December, my mum would walk into a Pep Store, she would pick out a beautiful white lace dress. She would proceed to the shoe section and pick out a one inch heel, white in color. She would also put in her cart some white gloves (if need be), a head band and a beaded necklace. She would buy them and keep them until Christmas morning. That, ladies and gentlemen, would be my church outfit for the year’s Christmas Mass.

2. House Decorations

This always used to be my favorite thing to do. Having to mount the tree by a corner and then wrap it with lights, garlands ornaments. There was something just beautiful about such moments. I find it funny that now that I am older, I no longer like Christmas decorations, they actually annoy me now.

3. A Good Christmas Meal

Most of fellow Malawians, if not Africans, will agree that the traditional Christmas meal consists of Rice, Chicken and Veggies. Was it even Christmas if those were not on the menu? I think the hell not.

4. The Gifts

Christmas gifts were my utmost favorite. From the older boys getting liquor, to some nice dresses for the girls. I remember my dad got me my first play kitchen set as a gift for Christmas.

I want gifts!!!

5. Family Time

Finally, Christmas was time to just be with family. To gather around and share stories, laugh and be merry. It was that important.

It saddens me now that I rarely even acknowledge the day and what it stands for. I mostly just don’t give af. I haven’t seen the house decorated for 13 years, I haven’t gotten new clothes. The one tradition my mum and I kept was the rice and chicken with some wine.

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