My 5 Favorite Drinks


I am super giddy about sharing with you my 5 favorite drinks. These are drinks that are my go to. They are perfect for any weather (lying). Again, this is written with the spirit of sharing bits of me to you all.

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My 5 Favorite Drinks

1. Black Tea

My 5 favorite drinks

This is my daily drink. Taken twice every day like some dosage, which it kind of is. I do not care if it 100 degrees, I will still have a cup of black tea. How I like it? Two sugars and actual tea leaves in the cup. I always feel like the tea bag robs me of the purity of the tea.

Also, I am Tumbuka, and one thing we are known for is our love for tea.

2. Coffee

I have a good relationship with coffee. It is my wind down drink. Also, great for severe hangovers. I will have it black and strong (no pun intended *wink*) or with cream.

Unlike most people, I often have coffee when I can’t sleep. It helps with inducing my sleep and will normally dose off after a few minutes.

3. Beer

my 5 favorite drinks: beer

The love of my freaking life. Yes, I love beer that much. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I light up about this good drink.

My favorite beers are the following:

  • Kuche Kuche
  • Castel
  • Manica
  • Windhoek

There is a certain beauty in beer. Imagine getting home after a tough day at work and just cracking a cold beer. Then feeling it just slide off to your throat then tummy, it is total bliss.

4. Strawberry Milkshakes or Smoothies

my 5 favorite drinks: strawberry milkshake

This is my go to during summer. If I am not having a milkshake, then definitely will be a strawberry smoothie. I always say that either one of the two gives me a mouth orgasm. Oops, TMI? Okay, I’ll stop there.

5. Brandy / Wine

I couldn’t end this list without the 2 OGs. I love my brandy on the rocks, but shots do a great job too. I also love to experiment with it, I try many cocktail recipes with it. Sometimes, I cook with it. It is just close to my heart.

Red wine is where I die. Make it dry red and I’ll fall in love with you immediately. I often categorise red wine into two:

  • Rose and Natural sweet red wine are horny wine
  • Dry wine is happy wine

I know they are 6, but….. These were my 5 favorite drinks. Share with me what you’re own favorite drinks are by commenting below.


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