My 16 Favorite 2019 Albums


We are just a few days away from ending 2019, a year that had two years in it, it was too freaking long. The year was rocky and hard to deal with, I shall discuss this later, but for the most part, I had music to help me through. So I wanted to share with you some of the albums that I loved the most.


1. Norman Fucking Rockwell! – Lana Del Rey

I am such a die hard fan of Lana, it is hard for me to not like anything she puts out. In September when this album was released, I spent two weeks listening to it. It gravitates you to her sound, not only are the vocals and the production amazing, it is the songwriting that pulls you in. The whole album tries to explain the American Dream as once explained by Norman Rockwell, and though she tries to explain how the plot was lost, it also resonates with one’s love life.

I love to say that it is an album that gives you hope for love, just to break your heart again and put tears in your eyes. In the intro, she says “your poetry’s bad and you blame the news, and I can’t change that, I can’t your mood,” can easily remind one of a lover than never takes responsibility of their own doing. Then she sweetly says “I moved to California, but it’s just a state of mind, turns out everywhere you go, you take yourself” in Fuck it, I love you. Just how you sometimes just wickedly want to move on from someone but the love you have takes you right back. Then again, she yaps about how hope is a dangerous thing for a woman to have.

What I really love are the poetic lines she has in all songs, with her angelic voice weaving effortlessly through them.

Fav songs:
Norman Fucking Rockwell
Cinnamon Girl
Fuck it, I love you


2. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? – Billie Eillish

The Gothic theme, the heavy drums filled with her beautiful feathery voice, and her weird giggles. The album that resonates to people with lucid dreams and awkward thoughts. To make it more beautiful, the visuals are well aligned to the music.

From torn knees, black tears, spiders in the mouth, fallen angel, to nightmares, this album was solid.

Who doesn’t remember

I’m the bad type

Make your mama sad type

Make your girlfriend mad tight

Might seduce your dad type

I’m the bad guy, DUH

Not shocking that she’s gotten Album of the Year nom from the Grammy’s.

Fav songs:
When the party’s over
When We All Fall Asleep…..


3. Truth Is – Sabrina Claudio

She sounded so in pain, like a girl in a corner with tears streaming down her face wondering how to overcome a heartbreak. This was my first time ever hearing of her, but once I had this album in my playlist, I completely fell in love with her music. I even learned the Spanish version of Truth Is, because of the beautiful guitar strokes and her beautiful voice.

It definitely made me wish it came out when my last relationship ended, it would have been the perfect album to grieve to.

Fav songs:
Truth Is (Spanish Version)
Problem With You
Hurt People


4. Revenge of the Dreamers III – Dreamville
Genius. I love this album for its authenticity and ability to cover quite a number of topics through some great rap and just the right amount of soul. Most weekends, I blast “Wells Fargo” and try to mimic their rap, then right after “1993” plays and I lose all my shits.Then sometimes, when I feel low, I turn to PTSD just to connect.

I love how it also talks about death and memories of loved ones, while also teaching us to appreciate those we love while we’re still breathing (Sacrifices). It also introduced me to rappers I never thought to pay attention to (Earthgang & J.I.D) and the beautiful soul child Ari.

Fav Songs:
Wells Fargo
Oh Wow


5. Indigo – Chris Brown

An album that united Rihanna’s long feuding exes to make a good sound, LMFAO.

Yep, I still listen to all the 32 tracks in the album and not get bored one bit. I still feel like I am cheating so bad because I still have not listened to the extended version, but either way, this album was solid for me. It had the right amount of sex talk, love, reflection and spirituality.

It was amazing seeing Drake and Chris finally collaborate, a wish of mine that got granted by Papa Christmas way too early, and not to lie, that No Guidance video was LIT. I loved his vulnerability in Dear God, connected with me so much. Plus, for the most part, made me forget I have two left feet and quite a few times I attempted to twerk even. I know, the ghetto lol.

Fav songs:
Troubled Waters
No Guidance
Dear God
Don’t Check On Me


6. African Giant – Burna Boy

In the past, we often focused on the fan rivalry between Wizkid and Davido and which one of them was HUGE. So imagine Burna self-crowning himself as the African Giant. I remember when the album art came out and people were just not cool with it, but when the album dropped, everyone accepted that he was actually right. Though criticised for sampling Fela Kuti too much, we should be honest that he did all the songs justice.

Again, many a time, I came up with dope choreography in my brain just to try it out and look like an elephant trying to dance.

Fav songs:
On The Low


7. Chasing Summer – SiR

More love songs, HELL YES. Music made out of a fictitious reality, so soothing to the soul, till when you hear him say “I never wondered what this could be, I just fuck you and leave” a harsh reminder of the one fling that caught feelings.

One of the many reasons that I love this album is the monotonous meanings to some of his lyrics, the features that fit right in, apart from Lil Wayne. It is the album that introduced me to Sabrina Claudio.

Fav songs:
That’s Why I love You
Still Blue
Hair Down


8. Ventura – Anderson .Paak

Love songs and social commentary, that is what this album delivered. Unlike his last album Oxnard which seemed to focus so much on sex (in a weird way), Ventura seemed to marry Funk and Paak well. In Yada Yada, he blissfully says “Casually talking about global warmth, as if the temperature didn’t blow out your perm” mmhm.

Overall, this is an album for those that love the 80s funk. It has a balance of his singing with the rusty vocals and his rapping which brings you back to the days.

Fav songs:
Yada Yada
What Can We Do?
Come Home


9. Shea Butter Baby – Ari Lennox

Let me just say this, they snubbed her the Soul Train Award. PERIODT! In case it has not hit you yet, I love alternative R&B, Soul and Funk a lot, and this album was just perfect for my collection. Her music brings back memories of Aaliyah and that 90s soul that is hardly found nowadays.

One issue I had with the album was the gaps in some of the lyrics, some felt dry, but what her lyrics did not deliver, her voice covered up very well.

Fav songs:
Whipped Cream
Up Late


10. Wasteland, Baby! – Hozier

I fell in love with Hozier after the release of Take Me To Church, I sang that song like it was the ultimate church song regardless of its controversial lyrics. That was the beginning of a love for Hozier, and I must say, it has been a good relationship. Just like a lot of his projects, Wasteland, Baby! had interesting lyrics that will take you a couple of listens to understand the story.

It travels from love (Dinner & Diatribes) to talking about power (Nina Cried Power). I enjoyed the heavy drums, the bass guitar that in some songs travels from your left ear to your right. His vocals are so amazing, they sooth the soul.

Fav songs:
Dinner & Diatribes
Nina Cried Power
Would That I


11. Ugh, Those Feels Again – Snoh Aalegra

I call this the ‘Roller coaster’ album. Why, you might ask, because of how she reminisces about being in love, just to hit you with the sad reality of it being a heartbreak song.

I also noticed that she gives an Alicia Keys vibe with her tone. Again, a soul album.

Fav songs:



I Didn’t Mean To Fall In Love


12. YOU – James Arthur

This was my ‘Sad Nigga Hour’ album, every time I get extremely sad, I play this. It is album that speaks of manta health in a sublime tone, of lovers, pain and happiness. It has the right amount of soul and pop, bit of rock too. Just the perfect balance!

It boasts of lyrics that can be turned into perfect Instagram captions, if you’re about that life. Next time I hike, will caption a photo with “If you can get through this, you can get through anything.” Or imagine “when you hit rock bottom, only place to go is up.” Perfect, right?

Fav songs:


Empty Space

Quite Miss Home

From Me To You I Hate Every body


13. Love and Compromise – Mahalia

You’d think this album is about love and actually compromising, turns out it isn’t and I learned in a hard way. It is more about love and less about compromising. In fact, throw the whole compromise bullshit, she talks less of it.

‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ is a such a bop to an ever clinging ex who just won’t move on. The high of the album was her collaboration with Ella Mai which brought two beautiful vocalist together. But then there is Simmer which features Burna Boy which is straight 🔥.

Fav songs:



What You Did


14. Over It – Summer Walker

First listened to the song ‘I’ll Kill You’ because of Jhené Aiko (my spirit animal), by then heard the album and I slowly grew on me. This album pours frustrations of failing to find love, which brings her to a point of accepting that ‘she a ho,’ to wanting to get a sugar baby, but threatens to kill any ho who says shit about her man. The whole thing.

Fav songs:

I’ll Kill You

Drum Dialing… LODT

Come Thru

15. Revenge is Sweet vs Upon Reflection

Two amazing rap albums, with so much context, I was unable to choose which one of them to end this with. So they both get the spot.


Revenge is Sweet – Krept & Konan

Fav songs:


First Time


Upon Reflection – Wretch 32

Fav songs:

Mummy’s Boy

All In

An album that is a must listen:

Hive Mind – The Internet


If you still weren’t able to get it, I love me a lot of soul music. But there you have it, my fav 15 albums of 2019. Still sad that the year is ending without projects from Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean and Jhené. But I’m carrying hope into 2020.

Share with me your own favorite albums of the year, I’d love to hear them. Comment below.

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Stay blessed.


3 thoughts on “My 16 Favorite 2019 Albums

  1. 1. amo – Bring Me The Horizon
    2 I Am Human – Escape The Fate
    4. Eros – Eli Sostre
    5.Bastille – Doom Days
    6.You – James Arthur
    7.Nevers Road – Witt Lowry
    8. Father of the bride – Vampire Weekend
    9. Wasteland Baby – Hozier
    10. Revenge of the Dreamers – Dreamville

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