Society has instilled norms that are somehow silly and we have the internet to thank for that. Nowadays, people tend to praise things that are evil and laugh at those that are genuinely looking for help. Yet no one shows as much passion to change it, we all adapt and make it seem like everything is just fine, and that is how we are losing people. I wanted to discuss some of the social injustices that we are still battling to date.

Social Injustices We Currently Face

1. The Case of Khensani Maseko

Khensani, a young South African lady who was a student at Rhodes University who was raped in May 2018 by her boyfriend. On the 3rd of August, she committed suicide to what was deemed as depression. True to modern society, we had people blaming her for being a coward and ending her life, instead of looking at the deep-rooted problem (RAPE) that needs to be weeded out.

We have a lot of people, both men and women being raped, yet they fear speaking out because we have created a culture that tends to blame the victim instead of those that create the evil.

2. Racism

I always have fear as to how my relatives live abroad. I have a great fear for my dad’s life who lives in the U.S.A, one where blacks are killed by the cops for no apparent reason. It is sad to say that we have racists in our African homes too. It hurts my heart that after such a long time, we all cannot live happily with our different skin tones.

social injustices: racism
social injustices: racism

3. The #MenAreTrash Feminists

Feminism is an intriguing topic that sometimes feels like it has lost its true direction. Christine de Pizan, the first woman who denounced misogynist behavior and provided information about how the two sexes were related was vying for equal rights in her book The Book of the City of Ladies. Wilhelmina Drucker became the first to successfully use her vote for women’s inclusion.

However, in current times, it may seem that we have moved from fighting for equal rights feminism to the Battle of Sexes feminism. The kind that slowly wants to strip off power from men because we just can’t stand them. Makes one wonder where we branched off.

4. Corruption and Bribery in Third World Countries

social injustices: corruption in third world countries

I come from a third-world country where theft or plundering of government money is just a norm. As citizens, we have grown weird normalcy to it that when it is said that our leaders are stealing, we get angry for a few days before we go back to minding our own business and giving the thieves a free pass.

We give so much power to the old, hoping they will develop our countries, yet stand on podiums crying how the youth is a better people to actually develop the countries. Think I am lying? Look at Africa, how many countries are led by men or women below the ages of 50? Maybe let me rephrase, how many of them are led by people in the 70s? A whole-freaking-lot.

social injustices: corruption in malawi

5. The Education System

It makes me laugh when my mum says the literature I read in school was the same she read. I did my school in the 2000s, she did hers in the 80s, has there not been any literature update other than sticking to the old. Let me speak for my country on this, I wouldn’t know the situation in others.

The Malawian education system gives children the mentality of “You need to pass so that you can work hard in an organization and be a boss.” Not much effort is put to help kids realize their inborn talents, to nurture them, and help them flourish. I only found out when I was in college that I could write poetry. Imagine the great talents that kids have that are suppressed in schools because no one puts in too much time into it. At the same time, let us appreciate how the Arts are helping other countries grow in other countries.

6. Lean and other drug overuse

Just imagine how many people have died because of drug use. Lean is becoming famous and likened by its users, but at the same time, how many lives is it claiming. We have to accept that drugs are just not good. Just a week ago, the world gathered on different social media platforms praying for Demi Lovato to make it out alive after she had overdosed on cocaine. We need to always put in the effort to make people aware of the bad sides of drugs, you could save someone.

We have a lot of injustices in our countries and societies that we are living in. If we do not concentrate on ways to make sure that we deal with them, we will create a greater burden for our children and their children. We need to clean this house and make it healthier to live in.

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